The Boti Bliss Effect

How porn actresses can help improve ratings for mainstream TV shows and movies without doing anything at all porn-y.

On your left: Boti Bliss engaging in consensual sexual bondage in Ted Bundy.
On your right, Boti Bliss as a straightlaced lab technician in CSI: Miami.

Copyright 2008 by Pat Powers

I was watching CSI: Miami some time ago and I noted a familiar-looking face in the supporting cast. So I checked out the credits at the end of the show and saw a familiar name to match that face: Boti Bliss. Not the sort of name you forget easily.

I remembered Boti Bliss from a little film called Ted Bundy in which she plays Bundy's wife. Specifically, I remembered her because she is the first woman to appear in Russian split bondage in a mainstream movie (or TV series, for that matter). In Russian split bondage, the legs are tied apart and parallel with the head, as if the woman is doing a split. Very handy for getting at those hard to reach places. Bliss' hands were also tied to the headboard of the bed. She was also naked and getting fucked. If the image had been a little more explicit it would have matched anything seen in hardcore bondage porn. As it is, it's a smoking hot bondage scene for a mainstream movie.

That added a certain frisson of pleasure to watching CSI: Miami that did not exist before, in the sense that it was fun to see Bliss portraying a straightlaced lab technician and remembering her writhing and moaning naked and roped in Ted Bundy.

I've had this experience before, mostly while watching Skinamax films, which regularly feature current and former bondage models in starring roles, or at least in a strong supporting sex scenes.

My favorite "Boti Bliss moment" occurs in The Girl With Sex-Ray Eyes in which an actress whom we'll call "Shannon" plays a villainess bent on doing some villainous deed or other.

Shannon looking very bondage-y on

I remembered Shannon well from her appearance on, two scenes being particularly yummy. In one, she's tied arms overhead facing a wall, with her legs stretched out by a spreader bar. She's tied so that she has to lean against the wall with her forearms against it. She's wearing a ballgag harness, and the ring at the top of the harness has a rope in it running down to an asshook that's buried in her anus. She gets whipped, then she gets molested by a dildo attached to a long pole, finally the pole is braced against a cement block on the floor and she molests herself with the pole while the dom applies a vibrator right where it'll do the most good as she works the dildo with her spasms.

She does a LOT of writhing and moaning during this scene, believe it or not. She stands on her tiptoes a lot. And of course, being Internet porn, it's all very, very explicit.

In the other scene, Shannon was tied into a wooden frame whose upper surface was a pillory for her head. Her wrists were secured to the rear legs of the frame and her ankles where secured to the front legs of the frame.

Shannon continuing to look very bondage-y on

With her legs doubled up to fit in the box and her ankles tied to the outside posts of the frame, her legs are spread wide, and her pussy offers an inviting target for the dildo-on-a-stick used in the other scene. As before, the dom first works it back and forth and then braces it and Shannon works her butt back and forth on the shaft.

A nice touch -- Shannon does a lot of writhing and moaning during this one, and with the pillory frame visually separating her head from her body, there's a weird split-screen effect, vaguely art house in nature.

Now, the reason I described these scenes in such detail is so that you will know what I was seeing in my mind's eye as I watched Shannon in her much more mundane scenes in Girl With The Sex Ray Eyes.

Shannon in a much tamer scene in the softcore spy parody film, "The Girl With The Sex Ray Eyes."

I don't understand why ALL moviemakers and ESPECIALLY TV shows don't use this technique -- hire well-known porn stars to play small parts in their stories, generally roles that don't require much acting ability. TV producers should be especially interested in this technique because the porn stars don't have to dress provocatively or act sexy in order to make the technique effective -- all of the " juice" in the Boti Bliss Effect is provided by the viewers' memories of the actress dressing naked and acting totally uninhibited in various porn scenes (or pornlike scenes in mainstream movies, like Ted Bundy).

In fact, dressing and acting sexy may be counterproductive in terms of the Boti Bliss Effect, because part of the pleasure of the Boti Bliss Effect is the contrast between the carnal sexuality of the porn scenes and the relatively straightlaced character in the mainstream scenes. You're watching a technician in a lab coat calmly do forensics tests and you're remembering her smiling ecstatically as she lies naked, bound and sweaty underneath her husband's body. Or you're watching Jenna Jameson play a judge, and you're watching her oversee her kids eating breakfast, and you're remembering her moaning with her face shoved into a mattress with her ass hiked up in the air so the guy behind her can ream it more effectively.


Jacqueline Lovell plants her kisser right where it will do the most good in "Femalien" -- considered by conniseurs of such things to be the hottest lesbian sex scene in any softcore movie. You can see why. Interesting bit of trivia: her partner here is Venesa Taylor, who had a hit song in dance clubs called Who Do I Have to Blow?"

Lovell has also appeared in quite a few bit parts in mainstream movies and TV shows, such as CSI: New York, The Pink Panther, Law and Order, Little Manhattan and Trust the Man.

Of course, most porn actresses can't act, so it's important to put them in roles that don't require much in the way of acting, but there are plenty of roles like that in many shows. Just the sight of the actress is all it will take to trigger all those deliciously porn-y memories.

Some porn actresses have done quite a few bit parts in mainstream movies already, often under pseudonyms, but it's strictly been a case of those who know, knowing. What TV directors and filmmakers need to do is promote these appearances, however much this will get the Flanderses frothing at the mouth.
(It should be obvious to all that Flanderses no longer have any kind of broad cultural backing -- their ability to influence what's on TV or the movies is based strictly on whether or not an administration that they have supported politically is in power. Even then, their influence is very limited -- witness the Bush Administration, which never got any serious censoring of anything other than the universally loathed child porn done.)

The point is, there is almost nothing to lose and much to gain by using porn stars (and bondage porn stars, of course) to crank up a show's sexiness quotient without having her character, or anyone's character, do or say anything that might change the show's rating. That's what TV and movie people call a "win."

It's fairly obvious that most filmmakers have no clue about the Boti Bliss Effect. If this phenomenon were widely recognized by filmmakers, you might reasonably expect to see porn stars getting all sorts of bit parts in movies and most especially TV shows. (As the more censored medium, TV shows would have a more powerful Boti Bliss Effect as a matter of course.) And you'd expect to see it promoted, maybe via Internet TV listings that include text like this: "Asia Carrera is a suburban soccer mom in next week's episode of Two and a Half Men." or "Jacqueline Lovell is a frightened woman being stalked by a serial killer in next week's Criminal Minds!"

You don't have to say who Asia Carrera or Jacqueline Lovell are, just that they'll be on the show -- horny guys will flock to it to get the full Boti Bliss Effect. So, no risk, no censorship, but plenty of extra added viewers. What's not to like?

Him: It's time to leave, come on!

Boti: But I don't WANT to leave! They're naming a whole effect after me!

Him: Come on, baby,article's over, nothing else to see around here.

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