Adrianne Curry Nude Naked Slave Girl
Adrianne Curry nude and cosplaying as Slave Leia
Image sources: Above, Adrienne Curry gives Jar Jar Binks a shot to the nuts while dressed as Slave Leia,
below left she displays a gorgeous body in a slavegirl number, probably in Playboy like the following pic, below right she poses
naked before clothed men, probably being auctioned or considered for service for the night, lowest left she
works naked in the kitchen as slaves often do, and below left she keeps another Slave Leia happy, both images probably
sent from her phone cam, something she does every so often.

Adrianne Curry nude lesbian sex slave on displayAdrianne Curry poses naked before clothed men.

Adrienne Curry nude lesbian Slave Leia sceneAdrienne Curry knows how to keep the other slaves happy.

Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Adrianne Curry is one of many celebrities who enter the Celebrity Slave Pens by way of a Slave Girl Leia outfit. But I'm giving her an early invite because she brings more than just the Slave Leia outfit to the game ... she brings a lot of geek cred!

Seems Ms. Curry is an avid player of World of Warcraft. This alone gives her a leg up in that whole "sexual roleplay" thing, since a large part of playing World of Warcraft is roleplaying. But she also is an avid cosplayer, going to cons dressed not only as Slave Liea but also as Wonder Woman, Silk Spectre from Watchmen and probably many others.

Ms. Currie also has absolutely no aversion to being naked and scantily dressed. With some celebrities, sexy images are rare, but there are PLENTY of Ms. Currie thanks to her Playboy photoshoots And she has a good feel for submissive slavegirly poses, no doubt her geek girlhood gives her a good feel for what cranks up the fans..

What's more, it's important for a slavegirl to get along well with the other slavegirls, and Ms. Currie really knows how to show affection to other girls, to judge from some, well, quite a few, photos of her to be found online.

In short, Ms Currie is just the stuff to push every geek button in existence, and so she is a welcome addition to our Celebrity Slave Pens.

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