Carmen Electra Nude Slave Girl
Carmen Electra nude slave girl 2Carmen Electra kneels naked in a submissive slave girl-ish pose.
Image sources: I'm pretty sure they're all from her various Playboy shoots.

Carmen Electra nude slave girl Vegas styleCarmen Electra nude slave girl collared and cuffed

Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Carmen Electra is a natural for the Celebrity Slave Pens. With several appearances in Playboy and a general penchant towards being a wild child, it was almost inevitable that there would be several pics of her lookig slavegirlish, and ... there are.

What's more, Electra has a nice tendency to pose in ways that are right out of the Gorean Slave Girl Pose manual. For example, the picture at top right, kneeling with the head down, hands on the knees and the knees close, is known at "Tower" on Gor and is appropriate when free women are present. (When free men are present, the rule is to spread the knees wide open and display the goodies -- very sensible!)  And of course she's also wearing bracelets that look suspiciously like cuffs and her only other bit of clothing is a decorative waist belt that does nothing to conceal her body.

 The position at bottom right is the pose known as "Display," lying back on the elbows with the legs spread wide to display the goodies, head back. And of course Electra is cuffed, leashed and collared in that photo, so it's straight up slavegirl fantasy fuel (like all the others) with a one way ticket to the Celebrity Slave Pen.

Electra has also publicly confessed a fondness for being tied up during sex. You always have to take these pronouncements from publicity-hungry celebrities with a grain of salt, especially since her confession comes in the context of promoting a new line of sex toys she has leant her name to. She says she is a switch, enjoying both being a dominant and the one being tied up, so you kind of think maybe she wants crank up as broad a range of her target audience as she can. 

That said she's still hot and sexy and certainly willing to talk about playing so we say, "Yowzah! And welcome to the Celebrity Slave Pens, Carmen!"

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