Catherine Zeta Jones Nude Dancing Slave Girl
Catherine Zeta Jones does a sexy nude dance as slave girl Scheherezade in 1001 Nights
Catherine Zeta Jones performs an erotic nude dance as Scheherezade the slave girl in "1001 Nights."

Catherine Zeta Jones nude slave girl looking sexyCatherine Zeta Jones semi nude slave girl
Catherine Zeta Jones steams up the screen as she seduces the sultan then appears later naked but for two starfish and a clamshell at the seaside.

Catherine Zeta Jones naked in Sinbad's lap.Catherine Zeta Jones dances dressed like a belly dancer in Death Defying Acts.
Left: "I'll be your lap dancer tonight, call me Sheherezade," also from 1001 Nights. Right, a still from the upcoming film "Death Defying Acts."
Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Catherine Zeta Jones is of course best known as the actress who played Sean Connery's ridiculously younger love interest in "Entrapment," followed by being Michael Douglas' ridiculously younger bride in real life.

However, before she did either of those things she was an INCREDIBLY hot and perky up and coming actress, and she participated in a French semi-softcore film called "1001 Nights," the usual retelling of that story about the most famous slavegirl prior to Slave Leia. The film gave her plenty of opportunity to not wear any clothes and act sexy, and as Scheherezade is one of the prime slave girls in all of history, it puts Zeta Jones SQUARELY in the past of our Celebrity Slave Pens..

Jones is also slated to appear in an upcoming biopic about Harry Houdini called "Death Defying Acts." In it, Jones plays a psychic who gives a belly dance that is red-hot, and, well, belly dancing? In costume?  She's SO going in our Celebrity Slave Pens! As if her role in 1001 Nights were not enough.

But don't feel bad for Ms. Jones. Thanks to her role as the conniving female prisoner Velma Bailey in "Chicago," in addition to her role as the harem slave Scheherezade, she's quite used to fictional imprisonment. She will probably wind up as First Girl in the slave pens ... who knows?

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