Diora Baird Nude Slave Girl
Diora Baird as a half naked Orion slave girl
Image sources: Above is from a deleted scene from Star Trek: The Rebootification, with Baird playing the Orion slave girl booty. The two shots immediately below are from various photoshoots, probably the English edition of Playboy, and at bottom is a scene from a Funny or Die video, "The Sexy Dark Ages."

Diora Baird topless and looking slavishDiora Baird naked and posing submissively
Diora Baird in bondage is a Funny or Die video

Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Diora Baird clearly qualifies for inclusion in the Celebrity Slave Pens as she played an Orion slave girl (or rather, former Orion slave girl) training at Star Fleet Academy who has an affiar with young Jim Kirk in Star Trek: The Reboot.

Baird's scene, sadly, did not survive the editing the process, though it is recorded in all its bodacious glory in the director's cut on the DVD of the movie. And we are glad! Because even if Baird had not made the cut on the basis of Orion slavegirlhood, we would have been very interested in having her in the Celebirty Slave Pens on the basis of sheer bodaciousness.

I mean, look at her in the two middle pics. Get that green paint off her and "cleans up good" just isn't the word! Plus, the kneeling pose with her hands behind her back ... VERY slavegirly.

She's got a rack and a half, a gorgeous face, and she can do comedy pretty well too. She's appeared in quite a few movies because of her enormous talents and her acting abliities. She's even appears in a Web series called "Funny or Die" -- check out this episode, it's got Diora in a bit of bondage and is also a pretty good riff on the trend toward raunchy medieval dramas on premium cable channels.

We'll welcome Baird to the Celebrity Slave Pens and hope to see more of her in movies in the future ... perhaps her uvula or her Islets of Langerhans!

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