Jennifer Connelly Nude Lesbian Sex Slave Girl
Jennifer Connelly is naked and kneeling with a greasy dildo shove up her pussy and shared with another naked woman with the other end of the dildo shoved up her pussy while a crowd of fully dressed men cheers them on in a totally lesbian sex slave scene.
Vidcap from "Requiem for a Dream" with naked Jennifer Connelly's character sharing a greasy double dong onstage with another naked lovely.

Jennifer Connolly gives up the pink in "The Hot Spot" as she kneels naked and exposed her pussy.
Vidcap from "The Hot Spot." At right we have the full screen image of the scene shrunk down to five inches wide ... you can see, it's not a closeup at all.
At left we have the image as it appears at full size ... you still see plenty of Connelly's ass, including her pussy, and isn't it a nice one!

Jennifer's breasts from "The Hot Spot" in another nice topless nude sceneJennifer enjoys a mouthful of money and a greasy double dildo in in the nude lesbian sex scene  Requeam for a Dream.
Left: Jennifer's breasts in "The Hot Spot" and right: Jennifer enjoys a moutful of money and
a greasy double dildo in "Requiem for a Dream."

Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Jennifer Connolly has definitely given me hope that someday participating in hardcore or softcore sex scenes, and by extension, sexual bondage scenes, would someday be no hindrance to the career of an actress. Her scene in which she does a nude double dildo sex scene in front of a cheering audience was, well, kind of RACY for someone who woulds shortly thereafter win an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind.

But I couldn't get Jennifer Connelly into my Celebrities in Bondage department on the basis of the scene, because it did not involved bondage -- I'm a stickler for such petty details. HOWEVER, publicly doing very nasty sex acts is JUST the sort of thing slavegirls do, because hey, they're slaves, they've got no choice! In fact, there's a very nice shot in the scene in which one of the cheering crowd of business-suited guys that surround her and cheer her on as she does the lesbian nasty for his entertainment shoves a dollar bill into her mouth. It's a graphic visual reminder that her body is no longer hers, its the plaything of the men around her. Very slavegirly indeed.

Jennifer Connolly also does something a little beyond the pale in The Hot Spot a mainstream film  that was not so far from being one of the softcore “thrillers” that abound in late night premium channel fare. Oh, there's the usual topless shot of Connelly in The Hot Spot, the one everyone, including me, uses when they put up vidcaps of a film. However, in another shot, in which she and another woman (played by Debra Cole) are doing some nude sunbathing, she gets on her hands and knees and lets the camera get a beam shot of her naked butt.

Most mainstream stars NEVER do that. The only other major star I can think of who's done something like that is Sharon Stone in Fatal Instinct or whatever it was called. Of course, Sharon's shot was a closeup and Jennifer's was a very distant shot, but still … just isn't done.

Except by slavegirls, of course. So, welcome to the Celebrity Slave Pens, Jennifer ... you're a prize acquisition indeed!

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