Kelly Brook Naked Slave Girl
Kelly Brook supposedly dressed as Slave Leia.Kelly Brook nude in sexy slave girl outfit.
Left: Kelly Brook supposedly wearing a Slave Leia outfit, which looks not a whole hell of a lot like the real thing.
Right, Kelly Brook in a sexy slavegirl outfit that looks ... damn good!

Kelly Brook kneels like a proper Celebrity Slave Pen captive, very submissive and mostly naked.Kelly Brook nude and naked on the beach. Damn, what a GREAT rack!
Left: Kelly Brook kneels like a captive of the Celebrity Slave Pens should.
Above, Kelly Brook nude on the beach. What an INCREDIBLE rack! No wonder she was voted #1 on the FHM Hot 100.
Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Kelly Brooks is an up and coming Brit model, actress, television hostess and all-around go-getter who has appeared in all sorts of advertising, any number of laddie mags (she's British, and in Britain magazines like “Maxim” are a genre, called “laddie mags”) and Playboy. She also has a starring role in Piranha 3D and has appeared on a number of British TV shows, as well as doing some very lucrative modeling for various products.

Brook initially got consideration for the Celebrity Slave Pens because she appeared in a costume that is repeatedly referred to as a Slave Leia costume, even though it looks nothing like a Slave Leia costume. I mean, I've seen a LOT of variants on Slave Leia at cons: goth slave leia, Steampunk Slave Leia, even Lego Slave Leia, but all of them at least looked SOMETHING like the slave Leia costume. But this costume, while it includes a bikini and forearm braces, is otherwise nothing like the Slave Leia outfit so beloved of America's Slave Leia fans.

Well we figure that she must want to be identified as a slavegirl pretty badly to call something that looks nothing like a Slave Leia outfit as a Slave Leia outfit, so we were disposed toward admitting her to the Celebrity Slave Pens.

Our leniency in this case was made easy because Brook has plenty of other images where she poses in very slavegirlish ways and because she has an absolute gorgeous body. We are not one to stand in her way! We personally think she does not have to dress like Slave Leia … she can be Slave Kelly, kneeling and chained in the Celebrity Slave Pens!

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