Rose McGowan Nude Public Slave Girl
Rose McGowan nude at the Oscars in front of the crowds, a slave girl on displayRose McGowan does a sexy strip tease in Planet Terror
Left: "Does this air make my butt look big?"
Right: "I'm a CELEBRITY stripper, no pussy flashes for YOU!"
Image sources: Right, just about every celebrity blog on the Internet, left, vidcap from "Planet Terror."
Slave Girls in the Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude

Rose McGowan is a long-time resident in the Celebrity Bondage dungeons, and it's no surprise that she's also a shoo-in for the Celebrity Slave Pens.

The basis for her acquisition is not a movie, strangely enough, but a public appearance at the pagan ritual known as the Oscar Awards. She accompanied alleged boyfriend Marilyn Manson to the Oscars dressed in a few yards of string loosely draped over her body.

McGowan was for all intents and purposed naked, and of course appearing naked or nearly so in a crowd of fully clothed people is very much a slavegirlish thing to do. Slavegirls don't get to say what clothes they wear, if any, or where they wear them. That is for their owners to decide. And apparently, Rose's owner at the time decided a little Oscar nakedness would do her some good. 

McGowan also appeared naked in Planet Terror, and of course dancing naked or nearly so before crowds of clothed people is a VERY slavegirly thing to do, so of course we have to shove her into our Celebrity Slave Pens.

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