Frank Frazetta header art

Frank Frazetta artwork for Princess of Mars novel, which has become the iconic Barsoom image.Another artwork created by Frazetta for the Princess of Mars novel.
Artwork created by Frazetta for John Carter of Mars novel
Frazetta cover for Warlord of Mars.
Top to bottom, left to right: Frazetta cover for "Princess of Mars," the iconic image of her in fact; Frazetta cover for "Mastermind of Mars"; Frazetta cover for "Thuvia Maid of Mars," so it's not Dejah Thoris, but hey, what hell is the Batman logo doing on that guy's chest; Frazetta cover for "John Carter of Mars"; and finally, Frazetta cover for "Warlord of Mars."
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An up and coming young artist named Frank Frazetta worked as a comic artist with Al Capp in the late 50s-early 60s, and when that ended he found that the style he had developed working with Capp was no longer in vogue, and work was suddenly hard to find.
Then one day a movie studio asked him to design a poster, which worked really well and got him work designing book covers, and it was his book covers, most especially his Conan paperback book covers, that really made his career take off. A lot of  people were buying the Conan novels just for the covers, and of course, between the covers was unadulterated Robert E. Howard, so the books sold very, very well indeed. So Frazetta got very hot.

One of the assignments that Frazetta got when he became hot in the paperback cover market was doing covers for a reprint of Burroughs' Barsoom books. Of course, Frazetta totally got the memo on the nudity of Martians. He produced what may well be the iconic image of John Carter and Dejah Thoris in his cover for A Princess of Mars, with a mostly naked John Carter holding a sword upraised with mostly naked Dejah Thoris standing next to him, atop the slain body of a Martian green warrior with his faithful Martian lizard-dog Woola in the background.

All of Frazetta's Barsoom illustrations also showed a full appreciation of Martian nudity. Pretty much what you'd expect from a genius illustrator, and another demonstration of how feeble the imaginations of filmmakers have been by comparison. Thong and nipple shields, baby, that's all it takes! Ask the genius!

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