Dejah Thoris header art for John Carter of Mars movie

Portrait of Dejah ThorisDejah Thoris is full length Disney princess gown
Dejah Thoris in battle gearAirship from John Carter of Mars movie
Battle scene from John Carter of Mars
City of Helium
Top to bottom, left to right: Lynn Collins looking gorgeous as Dejah Thoris. Dejah Thoris in a full length gown -- not very by the book but very Disney. Next row, Dejah Thoris in full battle armor. A Martian airship. Next row, John Carter mixes it up with some Martians in a battle, and bottom, the City of Helium ... great mattework!

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The John Carter of Mars movie will not be released until March 2012, so obviously we have not yet seen the movie, but the trailer HAS been released, and includes several images of Dejah Thoris, so we've got SOMETHING to go on.

And sadly, that something indicates that this will be a Disney movie indeed, as far as Dejah Thoris costumery is concerned. Which is to say, no nudity, or anything that looks like or suggests nudity.

The stills indicate that Dejah will be the kickass fighting princess of the books, but that she's gonna wear plenty of clothes while she goes at it. Once scene even has her in a full lengthy neck to shoulder white Disney Princess gown, a discouraging sight indeed.

In another scene she wears a fighting outfit, but it's hardly the stuff of chicks-in-chainmail-bikinis fanboy dreams. More like big shoulder pads, big metal bra, heavy metal diapers and so forth.

There may be more revealing costumes in other scenes, but I for one will not be holding my breath expecting it.

Despite the predictably Disney-esque approach to Dejah Thoris' garb, I hope the Disney film is a huge success, if only because it would then likely inspire knockoffs aplenty (especially since the source material is out of copyright). And some of those knockoffs will surely have a more by-the-book as it were, inspiration for Dejah Thoris costumery.

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