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From left to right: Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris in "A Princess of Mars," Dejah Thoris on the cover of "Warlord of Mars" Marvel comic from the 1970s, Frazetta painting of Dejah Thoris from reprint of Burroughs' novels in the 1970s, (top) Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris in the upcoming "John Carter of Mars" movie (slated for March 2012), (bottom) Image from "Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris" comics from Dynamite Comics (2010-present), image from cover of Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris" comics, and Dejah Thoris statuette created by a fan named Redfern.

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The very first big budget John Carter of Mars movie (based on a groundbreaking series of "planetary romances" written by Edgar Rice Burroughs back in the early 1900s -- you can read them online for free here -- was greenlit back in 1931. Since then many things have happened but none of them has led to the release of a John Carter of Mars movie -- until now.

Yes, an 80-year cherry is about to be busted, and it's a cherry that has had the fevered imaginations of fanboys aflame for decades and for a very special reason -- the very humanoid Martians of Burroughs' stories strutted around pretty much naked at all times with all their naughty bits fully exposed.

It almost makes you glad the movie was held up for 80 years because not until the present era, or at least the 1980s, could moviemakers be expected to handle the cinematic imperative for nudity required by Burroughs' books. (I know what you are thinking -- I'm maintaining the polite fiction that filmmakers pay attention to the original text when they adapt a book to film.)

But (and you knew there was going to be a "but" didn't you?) there's just one huge mouse in the ointment -- Disney is the studio that is going to be doing the adapting. It kind of figures doesn't it that when a John Carter of Mars finally gets made, it would be the most timorous, censorious studio in existence that would make it.

To completely dash the hopes of John Carter of Mars fans everywhere, Disney has already released a trailer for the film which shows the principal heroine, the incomparable Dejah Thoris, running around in a state that can only be described as ridiculously overdressed -- for a Martian. You can see it here.

Now there have been MANY visual interpretations of what Dejah Thoris looks like over the years. There have been several comic books, A Princess of Mars, a Syfy Channel movie starring Traci Lords, covers of various re-releases of the various Burroughs John Carter of Mars novels, speculative pieces and promo pieces for works that never got off the ground, and of course tons and tons of fan art. And frankly, some artists just like drawing and painting Dejah Thoris.

And here's the thing: almost without exception the artists who have done Dejah Thoris have gotten the memo about no or little clothing for Dejah and run with it. Even the John Carter: Warlord of Mars comic that was published by Marvel Comics back in the 1970s had Dejah dressed like a Vegas showgirl. (See second image from left at the top of the page.)

And the covers of the Burroughs novel reprints from the 60s and 70s showed Dejah dressed in little more than a thong and pasties, in a series of covers that were created by Frazetta. Later, Boris Vallejo took the naked Dejah Thoris ball and ran with it, using a thong and pasties to keep the naughty bits from freaking the prudes. (WHO'LL THINK OF THE CHILLLL-DREN????)

And in 2010 Dynamite Comics launched Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Comics (as part of a series of comics based on Burroughs' Barsoom, and their cover artists have TOTALLY gotten the point on mostly naked Dejah Thoris, and in some special covers ... plain old naked Dejah Thoris. See image second from right at the top of this page, one one of the MANY tasty images of Dejah Thoris in the link in this paragraph.

Which brings us to the point of this site: we're going to cover all the ways in which artists have portrayed Dejah Thoris, just to provide an alternate to the Disney vision of Dejah Thoris that will surely dominate American mainstream media when the John Carter of Mars movie is released in March 2012. Now, given that this site is not a huge movie/publishing empire like Disney, we rate our chances of competing on even footing with Disney as being in the snowball/hell range, but given that if you google "Dejah Thoris" almost every image of her that comes up shows her pretty much naked, the Internet as a whole just might kick the Mouse's ass on this one. After all, the Internet is for porn.

Now as to what this site in particular can offer, it's going to be the usual brilliant, incisive commentary and sly snarking about, from our decidedly non-mainstream, sex-positive, adult fantasy-enabling point of view. In short, we aim to be fun, funny and informative, as usual. Will we succeed? As always, you will be the judge of that!

Dejah Thoris is very different in one respect from many of the characters who grace the pages of Bondagerotica: she is not a slavegirl, she's not a damsel in distress, she's a fricking PRINCESS, and not one of those precious, cossetted princesses, but a 100 percent hot-blooded passionate ACTION pricess, who weilded both sword and radium pistols wit GREAT skill and authority.

Long before she met John Carter (literally -- Martians can live to be a thousand years old) Dejah Thoris was nobody you wanted to mess around with. The daughter of the King of Helium, Mars' largest nation, she was out of bubblegum and kicking ass for centuries before she met the Warlord of Mars. She was not one to wait for rescuers, knights or protectors, she just waded in and wreaked havoc when she was attacked, offended or otherwise cranked.

Still, her active lifestyle of hitting, stabbing and shooting enemies, and being the Princess of Helium, got her kidnapped, captured and distressed a lot, and so there are PLENTY of images of her in bondage.

Best of both worlds, if you ask me!

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If John Carter doesn't show up and rescue me soon, I shall escape on my own and KILL EVERYONE!!!!!