Header art for Dynamite Entertainment's Dejah Thoris comics

Image from Dejah Thoris Comics featuring naked, bound Dejah Thoris
A panel from Dynamite Entertainment's "Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris" comics featuring a naked, manacled, collared Dejah Thoris. Dynamite TOTALLy got the memo and is the BEST source of by-the-book Dejah Thoris art, period.
Dejah Thoris naked and chained by Alfonso Aspiri for Dejah Thoris ComicsDejah Thoris chained on cover of Dejah Thoris Comics
Dejah Thoris with her nipples out and perking, by Arthur Adams, for an alt cover of Dejah Thoris Comics.Dejah Thoris pretty much naked on the cover of Dejah Thoris Comics
Joe Jusko cover for Warlord of Mars 8 featuring a naked, chained Dejah ThorisCover of Fall of Barsoom: The Gates of Hell featuring an almost naked, chained Anouk

Left to right, clockwise from  top left: Sexy, naked, chained Dejah Thoris in bondage as drawn by Alfonso Aspiri for an interior panel of Dejah Thoris comics,  naked chained Dejah Thoris as drawn by Ale Garza for the cover of Dejah Thoris Comics #3, naked Dejah Thoris with her nipples perked and exposed, an alt cover for Dejah Thoris Comics #1 as drawn by Arthur Adams, Dejah Thoris Comics number 6 featuring an almost naked Dejah Toris by Ale Garza, Warlord of Mars Comics #8 featuring a naked, chained, kneeling Dejah Thoris by Joe Jusko, and Fall of Barsoom: Book Two When Hell Broke Lose also featuring a naked and chained Anouk, also by Joe Jusko.

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Lets' fast-forward to 2010 to see how well a modern comic house can handle Dejah Thoris imagery. Diamond Comics, starting in 2010 -- we're going to guess, with an eye to cashing in on the publicity the Disney film will generate when it finally gets around to debuting in 2012, has published Dejah Thoris Comics, a spinoff from their Warlord of Mars Comics also started in 2010, along with another spinoff, Fall of Barsoom.

And when we look at Dynamite's Dejah Thoris Comics what we see is exactly what we should see -- naked Dejah Thoris! You could not ask for a better, sexier, more by the book interpretation of Dejah Thoris than you find in Dejah Thoris Comics. Basically, they took a group of topnotch artists and said, "Beautiful naked sexy princess action girl! Take it to the limit!"

And the artists were more than happy to oblige. As the images at the top of the page indicate, the result is hot, sexy Dejah Thoris imagery by the truckload, combined with exotic Martian scenery, exciting fights and battles and the usual Martian menagerie of exotic animals and peoples.

As you can tell by the bottom two covers, Warlord of Mars Comics (centering more on John Carter) and Fall of Barsoom Comics set in the ancient history behind the John Carter stories, are also full of naked, sexy, bondage-y Martian woman goodness.

And of course, Dejah, although a fierce fighter, is mortal as anyone and gets captured fairly often. It's not really fair to call her a damsel in distress, as she is ready, willing and able to fight, and conflating her with a typical damsel distress is just wrong, but it IS fair to say there is plenty of imagery of Dejah Thoris in bondage in this comic. To which we say "Woo hoo!"

However, I must also report that I own three of the four comics shown here with bondage images on the cover: Dejah Thoris Comics #3, Warlord of Mars #8 and Fall of Barsoom Book Two: When Hell Broke Loose, and there is not a single image of a woman in bondage on the interior of any of them. However, there IS plenty of artwork of naked, sexy women, often naked sexy women fighting. So, buyer beware. The artwork on the interiors is full color and very well done -- the image at the top of this page is typical, and the stories move right along, so you are not likely to be disappointed on those fronts. And as two of the images on this page demonstrate, there is bondage imagery inside the comics ... just not always in the comics with bondage imagery on the covers.

In addition, Diamond Comics has been making adroit use of the "alternate cover" ploy. The standard cover will have covers over Dejah's nipples, often little more than tiny glue-on pasties that barely cover the nipple, but readers can request alternative covers that leave her topless. I haven't seen any images of Dejah's uncovered bottom, but they might exist, I have not looked that hard. I'm down with a thong and pasties being about as good as total nudity in most cases, especially with regard to comic book imagery. Total nudity is slightly preferable, but just not a big deal in my humble opinion. Your mileage may vary, and it's perfectly OK with me if it does.

Just in case you were wondering, sales of Dejah Thoris Comics are apparently doing very well -- for whatever reason. Considering all the naked Dejah Thoris imagery on the magazine's covers, I have a feeling I know what the reason is.
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