The Fictional Bondage Scene Rules Part 3
Sexy Bondage Is Good Bondage!

Comedy takes full advantage of the latitude given it in "Knocking on Heaven's Door" with Xenia Seeburg (currently the star of Lexx) bound and gagged and tied to a chair in her underwear, and humping a guy's brains out.

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Rule 3: As A General Rule, The Sexier The Bondage, The Better, And Not Just In Sexual Bondage Scenes

This one would seem to be a no-brainer, but apparently there are a LOT of people who Just Don't Get It, because there are many, many scenes in which a hot babe who normally displays her charms in short cutoffs, crop tops, swimsuits, miniskirts and so forth, suddenly and uncharacteristically opts for loose, shapeless slacks and a flannel shirt just prior to getting tied up.

If you happen to be one of the producers/writers/directors responsible for such scenes, I want you to take both of your tiny little brain cells and really think hard. If your sexual parts are still working, bring 'em along -- they're undoubtedly deeply neglected and will appreciate the workout.

Remember in the principles of bondage scenes we set out in part one, we said that bondage scenes are dramatic because they imply the threat of further violence? And that one of those threatened forms of violance was rape? Well, the thing that sexiness in a bondage scene does is ramp up the threat of rape.

In addition to adding to the dramatic impact by ramping up the threat of rape, sexy bondage is pleasurable in itself. Playing up the attractiveness of your female leads is always a good idea, even in a bondage scene.

Of course, there are bondage scenes which call for the heroine to look disheveled, abused, terrified, but they're actually quite rare. Most of the time, having a damsel actually look bruised and battered ramps down the suspense -- obviously, very bad things have already happened to her, so the urgency of rescuing her BEFORE bad things happen to her is considerably reduced. Most of the time it's just a waste of an attractive damsel, as in Jamie Pressley in "Mercenary," a gorgeous blond whose good looks are ruined by a trickle of blood running down her nose.

The really COOL thing about sexy bondage is that it needn't be acknowledged for what it is, and the threat of rape need not be followed through or even referenced in any way. Of course, this CAN happen if that's where the film's plot is headed.

But sexy bondage can and does often occur even in family-oriented movies and TV programming. Of course, when we're talking family-oriented, we're not talking a busty babe dressed only in a thong tied in a full spreadeagle while the villain smooges on her, as is pretty much the case in "Cover Me."

But it could include a sexy babe dressed in skimpy cutoffs and a crop-top tied to a bed in a half-spreadeagle and gagged with a cloth cleave gag, as did occur in the family detective series "Pacific Blue." Similar scenes have occurred in other family series. If an attractive young woman is in the habit of wearing fetching, sometimes skimpy garments that make the most of her attractiveness, it only stands to reason that that's what she'll be wearing if she's abducted by an evil captor. All those "lifeguard" series modelled on Baywatch, including Baywatch itself, followed this chain of reasoning very nicely, resulting in many scenes of very attractive women bound and gagged in form-revealing swimwear.

But the absolute leader here is the very popular syndicated family adventure series "The Lost World," where jungle babe Veronica, who wears only a very skimpy leather bikini, was kidnapped several times, and each time her skimpy wear and the sometimes stringent bondage makes it look like something out of a Betty Page bondage photo shoot.

In the case of bondage in erotic suspense thrillers, there's every reason to put the sexiness as far as it can be, and up until 1998 they did in Skinamax films. (Since then there's been a huge retreat in bondage scenes, with most of the best coming from mainstream thrillers like "Cold Heart" and "Birthday Girl") which combined with the DiD Ragnorak on TV in 2001, means there hasn't been much to watch lately.

Comedies are also given unusual latitude in bondage scenes -- since they are played for laughs, they're not so threatening. That's how "Knocking On Heaven's Door" got away with Xenia Seeburg giving a bound and gagged lap dance to her partner, and that's how "Whoops! Apocalypse" got away with its beautiful blonde princess clad only in a few bondage straps and a great big gag.

In conclusion, I'd like to say, "Sexy bondage good. Good sexy bondage. Bondage sex good."

I wish I believed the folks out in Hollywood could understand and remember that.