Firsts in Bondage on Mainstream TV and Movies
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This is a chart which purports to show the first instances of various types of bondage in mainstream media, i.e., television and movies. The first cleave gag, the first hogtie, the first spreadeagle, etc. It also shows the first instances of various types of bondage in which the actress is nude, or is strongly implied to be nude (see section on "Nudity" in the article on how this chart is structured to find out more about implied nudity). And it shows the first instances of various sex acts performed by women in bondage.

There are two reasons why this chart was created:

  1. It was fun. It required looking at and thinking about thousands upon thousands of scenes of women in bondage. What's not to like?
  2. It's my belief that the way bondage imagery is handled in mainstream TV and movies is mildly indicative of how filmmakers and TV producers are affected by bondage imagery.

This chart is the product of many hours of looking at precis of bondage scenes in mainstream movies and TV shows, of vidcaps of such scenes, and watching the scenes themselves. There are a lot of different ways such a chart can be structured, and how it's structured has a great deal to do with which are the first scenes. Go here to read about how the chart is structured.

I've written a general and highly opinionated history of bondage scenes in mainstream media to put this chart in context. While this chart does not reveal any perceptible trends in bondage imagery because it concentrates on "firsts," there have been a few trends, though all the evidence indicates that for the most part, the adoption of various bondage practices by mainstream media has been a haphazard affair. Go here to get some context for all these scenes.

I am sure this chart is not definitive or complete. There is much that is not known, and even more that I personally do not know, amazing as that may seem. I have many caveats about the chart. Go here to learn the limitations of my knowledge.

That said, I am confident that this chart is the finest chart of its type now in existence. I say this because I am confident that it is the ONLY chart of its type now in existence. Like people who make painstakingly detailed models of Winchester Cathedral out of drill bits or who collect potato chips that look exactly like top nuclear physicists, I've got the old "nobody else is doing it" thing going for me. But unlike them, I am not a crazed eccentric. That's because bondage is related to sex, and for a guy, it's normal to be interested to the point of obsession in anything relating to sex. Really. Honest. I'm sure there's a scientific study out there ... somewhere ... that'll back me up ...

If you have any firsts that you are aware of that precede what is on the chart, feel free to contact me. Also, if you have any vidcaps for the firsts that are already here but do not have vidcaps, or you have BETTER vidcaps than the ones I was able to locate, please feel free to contact me at the email address above.

Feel free to copy this chart and use it on your webpage if you like, but please retain the credits and the links to my site as well.

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This chart, magnificent work that it is, was not solely the product of my efforts, however prodigious they might be. It would have been impossible -- oh, all right, extremely improbable -- to create it without the use of the Bondage Scene Database on Brian's Page. The database on Brian's Page contains over 11,000 listings of scenes of women in bondage on mainstream TV and in mainstream movies, from around the world.

In addition to that, I've received leads to firsts from various posters on Brian's Page and other sites as well as useful background information. I'd like to give my thanks to: Honk, Tony Wood, DB, Frank J, biff barksdale, movie fan, luigi vercotti, oreanmos, Video Mayhem, Ralphus, Paulie, Malasfan, Captain T, Greg of Greggerbits and most of all, Jay L. and Brian of Brian's Page.

Legend: = Link to vidcap of image, D = Default
Type of Gag
Movies (title, date, actress)
Television (series title, episode title, date, actress)
Cleave Gag Birth of A Nation, 1915, Lillian Gish Zorro, "Invitation to Death," 1957, Joan Evans
Cleave Gag with wadding D- Those Were The Days, 1940, unknown The Avengers, "The Hour That Never Was," 1961, Diana Rigg.
Over the Mouth (aka detective, overgag) The Lesser Evil, 1912, Blanche Sweet Superman, "The Mystery of the Broken Statues," 1952, Phyllis Coates
Tape Gag Yellow Cargo, 1936, Eleanor Hunt Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "Escape to Sonoita," 1960, Venetia Stevenson.
Bit Gag Mysterious Island, 1929, Jane Daly Bonanza, "Desperate Passage," 1967, Tina Louise
Ball Gag A Clockwork Orange, 1971, Adrienne Corri1 Eine Klass Fur Sich (German), 1984, Wendy Scheurman
Ball Gag Harness Candyman 3, 1999, Donna D'errico Reyes y Reys (Spanish), episode unknown, 2000, unknown
Bit Gag Harness Check to the Queen, 1979, unknown Amazon, "The First Stone," 2000, Fabiana Udenio
Stuff Gag D- His Girl Friday, 1940, Alma Kruger "Peter Pan" (TV movie) 1960, Maureen Bailey
Panty Gag 99.9 (Spanish), 1997, Maria Barranco Law and Order SVU, 2002, Caprice Benidetti
Penis Gag (a gag with an inset dildo as the mouth plug) None None
Ring Gag Tokyo Decadence (Japan), 1992, Miho Nikaido None
Leather strap gag The Abductors, 1972, Ingrid Brooks, Jeramie Raine, Ined Som Last of the Mohicans (TV movie), 1977, unknown
Brank (metal gag) Sleeping Dogs, 1997, unknowns2 Avengers, "Murdersville," 1968, Hillary Dwyer
Gag, no bondage The Black Widow, 1947, Ramsey Ames Dr. Who, 1963, Sophie Alldred
Drooling scene Mysterious Island, 1929, Jane Daly3 Threat Matrix, "PPX," 2004, Kathleen Pak

1 There's a ball underneath the tape that covers Ms. Corri's mouth. Honest.

2 This brank is a futuristic model that can be opened remotely. 3 The darkish stain at the center of the bit gag is drool, hence this counts as the first drool scene, even though none is oozing down her chin.
Type of Bondage
Bondage style
Movies (title, date, actress)
Television (series title, episode title, date, actress)
Chair tie Birth of A Nation, 1915, Lillian Gish George Gobel Show, Oct. 9, 1954 airing, Angela Lansbury
Spreadeagle, face up Sign of the Cross, 1932, Sally Rand (uncredited)1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "The Cure"1955, Cara Edwards
Spreadeagle, face down Yellowstone Kelly, 1959, Andra Martin D- Xfiles, "Roadrunners," 2000, Gillian Anderson2
Arms over head Cabiria, 1914, Gina Marongoli Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, "The Test," 1955, Irish McCalla
Hogtie The Finger Man (French), 1961, Monique Hennessy Naked city, unknown epidode, 1958, unknown actress
Wrist Ankle Hodet Over Vannet (Norway), 1993, Lene Elise Bergum The Fear Inside (TV movie) 1992, Jennifer Rubin
Sex Harness Le Sex Shop, 1972, unknown Women, Stories of Passion, "The Gigolo, 1997, Annaliza Scott
Pony Girl Check to the Queen, 1978, unknown None known
Japanese rope bondage
(nawa shibari)
Let's Make A Dirty Movie, 1975, Sonya Vareuil Best Sex Ever, "8," 1997, unknown.
Wrist suspension Witchcraft Through The Ages (aka Haxan), 1922, unknown The Avengers, "Tunnel of Fear" 1961, Miranda Connell
Four-point suspension D- Sign of the Cross, 1932, Sally Rand (uncredited) D- Beastmaster, "Double Edged" 2002, Kristy Wright
Upside down supension The New Adventures of Tarzan, 1935, Ula Holt Spectre (TV movie) 1977, Ann Bell
Full treatment (gagged and bound) Les Vampires (French), 1915, Musidora Adventures of Superman "Night of Terror" 1952, Phyllis Coates, Ann Doran
Russian split Ted Bundy, 2002, Boti Bliss None
Shackles (on legs) Joan of Arc, 1948, Ingrid Bergman Gunsmoke, 'The Warden" 1964, Julie Parrish
Collar The Crimson Ghost, 1946, Linda Stirling Mork & Mindy, "Mork vs. The Necrotons," 1979
Sirik (wrists shackles chained to ankle shackles) Gold for the Caesars (Italy), 1964, Mylene Demongeot3 none
Nipple clamps Ratchet, 1996, unknown none (for obvious reasons -- it's mainstream TV)
Joyrope (aka crotch rope) Sweet Ecstasy, 1962, Elke Sommer none
Straight Jacket "The Moon's Our Home," 1936, Margaret Sullivan Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "The Last Escape," 1955, Jan Sterling
Bastinado (tied with arms behind and extended) "The Black Archer" (Italian), 1959, Fulvia Franco None
Chastity belt Ilsa, Harem Keeper to the Oil Sheiks, 1976, Sharon Kelly Avengers, "Murdersville" 1968, Diana Rigg
Stocks Witchcraft Through The Ages (aka Haxan), 1922, unknown The Addams Family, "Morticia Joins the Ladies' League" 1964, Blossom Rock
Rack The Fortieth Door, 1924, Allene Ray Gilligan's Island, "The Friendly Physician," 1965, Tina Louise
Yoke Camille 2000, 1969, unknown Xena, "The Path Not Taken," 1995, Renee O'Conner
Spreader Bar (yoke for the feet) The Fixer, 1998, Anjelica Trevana None

1 Sally Rand's legs aren't spread all that wide, so this is a default in a sense.

2 A default scene, however, prone spreadeagles are very rare in both TV and movies, and this one might last. 3 This looks very much like a sirik, but it's been impossible to get a single clear shot that makes it clear that it qualifies. It's here until we have something better.
Type of nudity/bondage
Movies (title, date, actress)
Television (series title, episode title, date, actress)
Topless bondage scene Cabiria, 1914, Gina Marongoli The Benny Hill Show (UK), episode unknown,1969-89, actress unknown1
Nude bondage scene Sign of the Cross, 1932, Sally Rand (uncredited) Blake's 7 (UK), "Project Avalon," 1979, Julia Vidler
Nude full treatment scene Black Tight Killers (Japan), 1966, Chieko Matsubaro Hands of A Stranger (TV movie) 1987, Beverly D'Angelo
Nude Hogtie Ginger, 1971, Cheri Caffaro N one
Nude spreadeagle, face up Billy Jack, 1971, Dolores Taylor Kommisar Rex (Germany) "Mosers Tod" 1998, unknown, possibly Birgit Stauber
Nude spreadeagle, face down Lipstick, 1976, Margaux Hemingway Saving Grace (US TV series), September 17, 2009, Holly Hunter. (Thanks, Daniel!)
Nude in chains Witchcraft Through The Ages (aka Haxan), 1922, unknown Kommisar Rex (Germany) "Mosers Tod" 1998, unknown, possibly Birgit Stauber
Nude in stocks Poor Cecily, 1973, Angela Field None
Nude wrist ankle A Wife to Be Sacrificed, 1974, Naomi Tani None
Nude Wrist Suspension Gate of Flesh (1974) Nogawa Umiko None
Nude Full Suspension Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood, 1969, unknown None
Nude In spreader bar Romance, 1999, Carolyn Ducey None
Nude collar Frauen für Zellenblock 9 (German) 1977, Esther Studer, Karine Gambier, Aida Gouveia None
Nude and gagged only Night of the Wilding, 1990, unknown Women, Stories of Passion, "The Gigolo, 1997, Annaliza Scott
Nude shibari bondage Lifespan, 1974, Tina Aumont None

1 Yes, this is incredibly vague, but it's all I have.

Sex with Bondage
Type of sex
Movies (title, date, actress)
Television (series title, episode title, date, actress)
Missionary, man on top Ginger, 1972, Cheri Caffaro Peak Practice (UK), 1993, Beth Goddard
Woman on top Hot Spur, 1968, Virginia Gordon1 CSI, "Butterflied," 2004, unknown
Rear entry Lipstick, 1973, Margaux Hemingway Farscape, "What Was Lost part 1," 2002, Rebecca Rigg
Doggie style Crime of A Beast (Japan), 2001, Grace Lam None
Cowgirl None None
Reverse Cowgirl None None
Oral (giving) Defiance of Good And Evil, 1975, Day Jayson Aphrodisia (France) "One Evening Full of Shivers," 1994, Leyna.
Oral (receiving) The Naughty Victorians, 1975, Susan Sloane Latin Lover (Peru) "Episode 24," 2001, Silvia Caballero
Lesbian Orphans of the Storm, 1921, LIllian Gish (a fully clothed kiss between two sisters, one bound).2 Hinter Gittern-Der Frauenknast aka Behind Bars (German), epidsode unknown, 1997, Katy Karrenbauer
Dildo or vibrator Electra, 1996, Shannon Tweed None
Strap-in butt plug Tokyo Decadence (Japan), 1992, Miho Nikaido Story of O, The Series, 1992, Claudia Cepeda
Spreadeagle (face up) Cat People, 1982, Nastassia Kinski None
Spreadeagle, face down Lipstick, 1976, Margaux Hemingway Farscape, "What Was Lost part 1," 2002, Rebecca Rigg
Suspended The Naughty Victorians, 1975, Susan Sloane None
Wrist-ankle None None
Chains The Naughty Victorians, 1975, Susan Sloane Peak Practice (UK), 1993, Beth Goddard
Nipple clamps Bloodsucking Freaks, 1978, unknown None
Spreader bar Romance, 1999, Carolyn Dulcey None
Full treatment (bound AND gagged) missionary Opposing Force, 1986, Lisa Eichorn Wochenshow (German), episode unknown, 2002, Nadja Maleh
Full treatment (bound AND gagged) doggy A Place Called Today, 1972, Cheri Caffaro Over the Wire, 1993, Griffin Drew
Three-way Frauen für Zellenblock 9, 1977, Aida Gouveia, Susan Hemingway, Esther Studer, Karine Gambier (actually a lesbian four-way) Latin Lover (Peru), "Episode 26," 2001, Cecilia Brozovich, Paola Martinez
Gagged only Night of the Wilding, 1990, unknown Women, Stories of Passion, "The Gigolo, 1997, Annaliza Scott
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1 I only have this from vidcaps, so it could well be that they are just rolling around.

2 This is of course not intentionally lesbian, but it is two women kissing, one bound, so it counts, even though they are sisters. In fact, that makes it kinkier.