Horribleness -- It's Getting Worse!

"OK -- what the hell is this all about?"

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

It's pretty simple, actually. This chart documents the distinct loss of bondage imagery in Skinamax films after 1998. It was compiled using the database listings on Brians' Page and also our own personal knowledge of bondage in Skinamax films. The listings were from Brians' Page were obtained by doing a search for "movies" that included the term "sex," which would also have included the term "sexy." A different set of results may have been obtained by using the terms "naked" "nude" and "rape" but we're confident that "sex" covered most of the major films.

The films are listed by year and by "bondage hotness." "Bondage hotness" is of course a fairly subjective value. It was arrived at by considering several related values:

  1. Explicitness of bondage scene or scenes. This is the most important value, which is why "Over the Wire" and "Italian Inferno" are both at the top end of the scale -- both features women who are a) naked b) having sex c) bound hands behind and d) gagged.
  2. Theme of the film -- if it deal with a protagonist whose feelings about sexual bondage are central to the plot, that's a big boost. Thus "Nighttime Lover" whose scenes are not all that wild, gets a boost for having the sexual bondage feelings of its female protagonist as its central theme.
  3. Frequency of bondage scenes. The more the merrier, and the more explicit the merrier. Thus, the only reason "The Linguini Incident" gets in here at all is that it has lots of scenes, even though it ignored the sexual bondage aspects of the story and the scenes weren't explicit in any sense of the word.
  4. Male bondage. If it's in the film, it's a negative, even if there is some female bondage, as there often is.
  5. The competition. Close examination of the chart will show that there are a lot of films for 1995-1998 and relatively few before and after. If we included EVERY film that fit in that time frame, we'd have a big jumble of unreadable letters, in fact, we got pretty close to that now. Whereas prior to 1995 and after 1998 things are much more open.
  6. We also didn't place any films at the bottom of the chart prior to 1998, but believe us, they were out there. "Desert Passion," the classic white slavery bondage fantasy involving female sex slaves that lacked any bondage scenes at all except for one involving a GUY, dates from 1993. And "Where Evil Lies," a white slavery film that has absolutely no bondage and is a total failure as a white slavery film as well, dates from 1995. In fact, with "Over the Wire" at one extreme and "Where Evil Lies" at the other, 1995 was undoubtedly the most extreme year in Skinamax history, in terms of bondage. So they're out there, all right. We just didn't want to make the chart look like a series of zigzags.


Certain aspects of the chart other than the frequency which which films appear in 1995-1998 also need to be noted. Three of the five films after 1998 -- Raging Hormones, Secret Needs and Carnal Sins -- should be at the very bottom of the chart along with Losing Control. We just didn't have any place to put them, so we stacked them atop one another as closely as possible. Raging Hormones and Secret Needs are male bondage fests with just one brief female bondage scene in each. Carnal Sins, like Losing Control, is a movie about a maledom/femsub relationship that has no bondage scenes, or much in the way of maledom/femsub imagery of any kind.

The lack of Skinamax female bondage scenes for 1990-1995 is interesting but may well be more of a product of the structure of the bondage database at Brian's Page than anything else. Few Skinamax films were entered in the database prior to 1998 or so. It could be that that there is a trove of bondage scenes from Skinamax in the early 1990s that have not been entered because they were not considered at the time they came out, and are not longer playing on the premium cable channels that is the venue for most of them.

Or it could be that there really were no Skinamax bondage scenes during that period and that the period 1995-1998 represents an unusual spike. The interesting thing is, if you constructed similar charts for mainstream TV, mainstream movies and XXX films, you'd find that the mainstream TV and movies, while they've had their ups and downs, have had nothing like the dramatic 1998 drop the Skinamax films have had. And while it's probably impossible to obtain any kind of objective measure, if you graphed the quality and originality of bondage scenes in mainstream film and TV, especially film, you'd see a dramatic uptick over the last four or five years.

The graph documents the divergence between mainstream films and TV shows, which are moving toward sexual freedom, and Skinamax, which is going ... elsewhere.