Pony Girl Dreams

What was the beginning that led this woman to the life of a pony girl?

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The pony girl thing has never been a strongly appealing thing for me, though I think I understand it in a cerebral kind of way.

I saw an HBO sex special -- Real Sex or Sex Bytes or Byte Me I'm Real Sexy, I dunno, and the dynamics of the relationship between the trainers and their ponies were quite obvious. The ponies were quite clearly the star of the show, their trainers were simply enablers for the pony dream. I'm not saying that their role isn't essential or that they don't exercise real (if voluntary) control over their ponies. I'm just saying it's very evident that the whole point of the pony fantasy is ... the pony! Not the trainer, however important the trainer may be to the pony herself.

The ponies existed in two modes: display and maintenance. When they were on display, they were performing, demonstrating high-stepping technique, marching or crawling about in ponyish ways, actually carrying their trainers on their backs, and pulling carts with their trainers in them. Sometimes the trainers simply displayed their ponies as animals to the other trainers (and ponies) in the area.

At other times the trainers were grooming the ponies, putting shoes on the ponies, adjusting various kinds of tack on the ponies, and generally having a great time playing at the game that they are animals.

The bondage and submission aspects of the fantasy were also quite evident -- the ponies always show a strong preference for having their hands rendered ineffective -- when they are not bound behind their back, they hold them behind their back, and when they are held in front the wrists are held limp so the hands dangle like hooves.

There's also a strong preference for gags -- bit gags of course -- and blinders and blinkers are also popular.

The bodies of the ponies are also decorated, as display animals might be, with leatherwork and elaborate headdresses and bobbles that dangle from the nipples. Their beauty is displayed with the same calm appreciation that a horse's beauty is displayed, with straps and such, with the sexual parts as casually displayed as the rest. And of course there were tails for these ponies.

Both ponies and trainers spoke on camera about their feelings, and not surprisingly, reported that they liked playing at being pony and trainer ... a lot. Surprisingly, given that the show was presumably an expose of sexual practices, there were no images of or even descriptions of the specific sexual practices involved in being a pony girl. We were left not knowing if pony play is generally foreplay, a specialized form of role-playing as it were, or if pony play extended right into the sex act.

My guess is that women who are willing to appear naked and bit-gagged and bound on national TV probably take it about as far as it can go in private. My guess is that the pony girl is taken to the stall and her traces are secured and her trainer strokes her and fondles her -- a lot -- to calm her down and a lot of them get taken while wearing full pony gear, including their bit gags. From behind, of course, I mean, horses just don't DO missionary.

But you know, the thing that really interested me was the thought of these pony girls (pony women, actually, very much adults) as little girls. Were they members of the horsey set whose interest in horses grew and grew until they found themselves sexually turned on at the thought of becoming horses?

Or, even more intriguing ... were these pony women the girls who always wanted a pony when they were young, but never, ever got one? Girls who always had dreams of ponies but because of poverty (not so much poverty, perhaps, as lack of wealth) just weren't able to realize those dreams, until the day they discovered that in their hearts they had become the ponies they coveted, and so they eventually went down the road that led to their prancing naked and bit-gagged with their lovers? And did they find something that was better than anything they had ever dreamed of, or just something else?