How To Play Second Life Gor Part 2: Raiding

By the Book Gorean
A typical by the book Gorean's approach to combat in Second Life. Image source: Hogtied.

So I've got you into Second Life, you've got an avatar, you've got you've got Gorean clothes, and you've visited the Gorean Welcome Center and learned a few things about Gor and roleplay. Well, I'm gonna teach you a few things about Gorean RP that they DON'T teach in the courses.

Gor the Second Life game is divided into two groups: By the Book (BtB) Gor and Gor Evolved. The formal difference between the two is that BtB does not accept the existence of female outlaws armed with bows, or large bands of panthers that attack cities. They say that these things are not consistent with the Gor novels by John Norman that are the basis of the game. Gor Evolved accepts these things. But that's not the REAL difference between the two factions. (There is a lot more to this than I want to go into in the middle of the article, and it tells you a lot about SL Gor, so go to the article on BTB vs. Gor Evolved if you want to find out more (link at bottom of page).

Gorean raiders assemble on a dock in Second Life n the sim they plan to raid.
A gorean raiding grew assembles on the docks of a sim. This is a large raid, about 30 people, which means about 15 defenders. Like in World of Warcraft, you generally join groups to play SL Gor, which is how you get the large raids. Image source: Snapshot of a Gorean raid in progress.

The real difference is, Gor Evolved raids and BtB Gor does not. It's not a COMPLETELY accurate statements, raids occur occasionally in BtB Gor, and there are Gor Evolved sims that have few or no raids, but it's close enough for all practical purposes. Getting ahead of myself a bit: raids are like raids in World of Warcraft, a group of players get together and go to another sim and kick ass in combat.

The weapons in SL Gor are swords, spears, bows, blowguns, rocks, axes, clubs, crossbows and what have you. Basically, it's all medieval weaponry. No gunpowder-based weapons. Bows are the most powerful weapons on Gor, being ranged weapons, followed by swords and scimitars, fast melee weapons that do a lot of damage. There's no magic on Gor either, it's just tough warriors duking it out with primitive weapons for gold, glory and slavegirls. But mostly for fun.

Because you never play against lame NPCs (non-player characters) raiding is hard in Gor. Players come in three levels of skill in Gor: newbies, regular bows and super bows. Best way for a newbie to learn to fight in SL Gor is to join a group, get some training and practice with more skilled members of the group, and you go along on raids and learn your craft while have tons of fun, with better fighters along to keep you from losing constantly.

There's an economic interest for sim owners to have people on their sims,2 and groups to have sufficient numbers to raid successfully, so its' generally easy to get into most groups. With over 300 Gorean sims in Second Life, most of them hosting multiple groups, it's VERY easy to get into a group. Getting into the RIGHT group is a different matter. And there's nothing like grinding in Second Life Gor. You have to learn to play the game well, but there's no digging for stuff. You just buy what you need or find it as a freebie, and play the game.
And of course, the prize you get when you successfully raid is other players. Which brings up our next topic: Committing Sexual Roleplay in Second Life Gor (see link below).

Arrow-filled raid in Second Life Gor
Here's an SL Gorean raid in progress. All the arrows you see are due to a glitch you sometimes see in very large raids in which lag causes arrows to appear to be floating in air at times. You can actually dodge them. Most of the time, however, the arrows are NOT dodgeable, and are coming from all directions. It's incredible chaos, and incredible fun! (The naked guy is a fighting slave, probably trapped by lag, the enemy of large raids.) Image source: Snapshot of a Gorean raid in progress.

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