The Beauty of Second Life Gor

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Standing on the docks of a Gorean sim, you prepare to enter a world of incredible beauty and, well, completeness.

Copyright 2012 by Pat Powers

In the Second Life virtual world, Gorean sims are renowned for their beauty. There's a reason for this. The creators care about their beauty. They aren't just backdrops for porn. Gorean roleplayers play the full panoply of actvities that the characters in the Gor novels engage in, and their sims are built literally to create that entire world.

A beautiful sim in Piedmont
A sim in the Piedmont sim group in Second Life Gor.

The reason: the people who create sims in Second Life Gor CARE about the way their sims look. They are not just backdrops for sexual fantasies. Sure, most sims are going to have dungeons, paga taverns with alcoves, slave kennels, and public punishment areas, but those are just a tiny portion of most sims. For the most part, you'll find living areas, public areas, places where players interact without necessarily engaging in sexy and/or kinky fun. That's because the people who have created Second Life Gor enjoy all aspects of the world, not JUST the slavegirl kinky fuckery, though of course, they DO enjoy that as well.

SL Gorean kinky fuckery
Second Life Gorean kinky fuckery. It happens!

But the majority of time in Second Life Gor, people are doing other things. In other places. Like this:

Tyr's Fist Stronghold
Tyr's Fist Stronghold, a Torvie land in Second Life Gor. (Torvies are the Gorean equivalent of Vikings).

This article began with a post on the Bondage Blog about the way the folks at have finally created visuals that reflect the way the Bondage Blogger imagined the sexy slavegirl scenes from John Norman's Gor novels.

callera sim
Here's Callera, a typical Vosk Delta city, with the cylindrical towers topped by tarncots (perches for tarns, the giant birds that inhabit Gor).
The floating red rings with numbers in them are part of a tarn racing course -- participants have to fly their tarn through all the circles in the course.

I responded with a post saying that while had done a great job of creating imagery that had a definite slavegirl training vibe (the trainers dress in modern Earth clothing, but the slavegirls do tend to be naked) and the training gets kinda Gorean looking at times.

A Gorean kennel scene from Sex and
Ok, this DOES look like it came straight out of a Gorean kennel. Image source: Sex and

But as I noted in my post, adult bondage porn sites typically don't have the resources or the interest to recreate the world of Gor in its entirety. Just the kennels. And that's not all there were to the novels. There was the fighting, and the drinking of paga, and the telling of tremendous lies about one's prowess in battle, and the intrigues and general carrying-on. In short, behaving as a character living in a Gor novel might, not just furring (Gorean for "fucking") endlessly.

A southern sim in Second Life
A tropical Gorean sim, I think it's Lake Ushindi. The Second Life Gorean players are in fact working on creating a virtual world.

Gorean interior
The buildings seen in these sims have interiors, and the attention to detail extends to the interiors as well.

Hokeo, home of the Legendary Mercs
Even GE (Gor Evolved) sims which are built primarily with defense in mind, can be strikingly beautiful. This is Hokeo, home of the Legendary Mercs. Note the way most of the land is a series of hills that must be climbed, with the residents able to shoot down on the attackers from the hills in the background.The The final hill is ringed with spikes, with just one narrow access point giving access to the camp. Most of the sim is devoted to defensive issues, plus the land in the background is honeycombed with tunnels, a common feature of GE sims. Still, it has a stark beauty in the right light.

And beauty is not the only standard which builders use to create their sims. For example, there's this sim:

A tasteless sim design in Second Life.
This is a wagon people sim in Second Life. The only way to get into the fort is to go through the Tunnel of Love. So there's humor, too. And yes, this is ... the end.

Note: There has been little or no Photoshopping of these images. They are mostly just the photos I took in Second Life, sized to fit this layout, and in a couple of cases of cropped. While in Second Life I used the Firestorm viewer's Quick Preferences menu to change the Windlight Sky settings that would work best for each image in some cases, but that's not a complex matter, just two clicks: one to bring the menu up, one to select the settings. Highly recommended for photography in Second Life What you see here is what you will get in Second Life.

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