50 Shades of Second Life Gor

Darling in bondage
"What do you mean, I should have read the fine print? 50 Shades of Gray is FICTION!" Image source: Hogtied.

So you've read 50 Shades of Gray and you REALLY want some more of that fun kinky stuff but you're not quite ready yet to acknowledge some guy named Kevin as your owner and master, or worse yet, your husband whom you know all too well. Understandable! What can you do? Well there IS an option that lets you play at being a sex slave without going into anyone's bedroom other than your own. It's called Second Life Gor.

Now, there is no reason that you can't go to Second Life and roleplay being Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray, there are plenty of modern urban sims outside Second Life Gor, which is only one of many roleplaying groups (in fact, if you are a Twilight fan, there's a huge roleplaying community devoted to vampirism, and some Twilight roleplayers among them). There is very little in the way of roleplay groups and sims devoted to Fifty Shades of Gray as I write this, but such things can change very quickly in Second Life. Sims come and go in an eyeblink. But for now, it might be difficult to find people to play with, especially male people as the vast majority of Fifty Shades of Gray fans are women.

What Second Life Gor offers you, however, is a ready-made game with built-in roles, experienced roleplayers of both sexes (see the section on the OOC and the IC --link at bottom of page-- to see estimates of the proportions), and an entire alien world to explore, outside the whole slavegirl/Master thing. There are over 300 Gorean sims as I write this and tens of thousands of players ... some have said as many as 60,000 players, but it's hard to tell the truth of that due to the fact that one player can have multiple avatars. What I am trying to say is, if you liked the kinky relationship between Christian and Ana, and you want to play at being Ana, or someone like her, having a dominant/submissive relationship with a male player, you can do just that, inside Gorean roleplay.

Gor is a free-form roleplaying game created by the people who play the game: there is no corporation that sponsors it, it's simply players who like Gor, playing a game based on the book of John Norman. Norman has written (to date) a series of about 30 books that were basically sword and sandal adventures set on a planet much like Earth. In the stories, technologically advanced aliens in the form of 18 foot high golden insects called Preist Kings rule Gor, and have been bringing humans (as well as some plants and animals) from Earth over in the spaceships for most of human history. The Preist Kings have also frozen human technology at about the medieval era (no gunpowder, combustion engines, electricity or printing presses) with their advanced technology.

Gor is politically backward as well, it is a collection of city states with a rigid caste system (think Greek/Roman world) whose largest and most powerful city is Ar (think Rome) though it has a powerful opponent in Port Cos. In addtion to the city states, there are a variety of cultures on the planet: wagon people (think Mongols) in the southern plains, Arab-like people in the deserts, pygmies in the equatorial jungles. There is also a large forested region to the north of the civilized lands called the Northern Forests, full of panther girl tribes, outlaw bands and generally disreputable sorts. Which means there are a lot of different roles to play, but for the most part people are either dwellers n the quasi Hellenic city states or outlaws, torvies (Vikings) panthers and pirates in the northern forests.

The thing that makes Gor different from OTHER sword and sorcery role playing games is the slavery, specifically, the slavegirls. Norman created very strong dominance, submission and bondage fantasies about slavegirls and he integrated those fantasies very nicely with his sword and sandal stories. Norman, whose real life job as John Lange involved working as a philosophy professor at the State University of New York, was well versed in history and ethnography, and used the actual harsh treatment of slaves in the ancient world as the basis for his master/slave bondage and dominance sex fantasies.

Bound and gagged slavegirl is fucked by her Master. Or Christian.
"Yes, Christian! ... I mean ... "Yes, Master!"

The books were widly popular in the 1970s and 80s (the first was published circa 1963) undoubtedly because they did such a nice job of working the kinky, sexy fantasies in with the sword and sandal adventures. They were never "ruling the bestseller lists for weeks on end" popular, but their publisher (DAW books) said the books outsold all his other fantasy books combined.  They were basically 50 Shades of Gray popular INSIDE the fantasy genre.

And the illustrations here may make it look like Second Life Gor and Second Life is out and out porn, but that's not the case at all. The textual roleplay between the characters can be as explicit and/or subtle as the roleplayers want it to be. Here's a great example of some strong interplay between two women who are both attracted to the same man, basically roleplay that has been cleaned up (things like timestamps and extraneous information like that removed) and put out on the Web for all to enjoy. There's no sex, but the sexual tension is incredibly hot.

So think of Gorean men as mostly Christian Grays, and Gorean slavegirls as their submissives, and you'll have a pretty good idea what goes on in the Gor novels and also how the slavegirls act and are treated in Gor. Plus they get to run around naked or in very skimpy clothing, kneeling constantly before free people, and begging use from Masters. Slavegirls on Gor are permitted to have no inhibitions or modesty by their owners. Talk about your ready-made excuses! So there is PLENTY of opportunity to have virtual sex with virtual Christian Grays in Second Life Gor roleplay. There is a TON of fun to have here and I invite you to have it.
Naked girl in binds and giant toothy lizard
Adventure awaits you in Second Life Gor!
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