Getting Started in Second Life Gor

In Second Life Gor, captured panther girls in the northern forests are stripped and bound, preparatory to being shipped to a city and sold into slavery. Image source:

So, you wanna play at being a Gorean warrior, slave girl, Free woman, panther girl, scribe, merchant, slaver or what-have-you, but you don't know how. Well, in this post and several subsequent posts, I'm gonna tell you exactly how to do it, step by step, so that you can play the game confident about what you'll encounter and what kind of fun you'll have. Basically, this is intended to be a friendly doorway into SL Gor for anyone who wants to play, and for anyone who wants to know how it works. There's way too much to tell you in one post, so I'll just get you started in this one, enough to get you SL Gor and snooping about. Subsequent posts will tell you where the cow pies are.

First of all, you need to join Second Life. Go here and set up an account, pick out an avatar, then download the Second Life viewer. It's all free. You're gonna want to switch to Phoenix or Forestorm shortly, but start out with the standard Second Life viewer.

Now about that avatar. Pick out whatever you like, don't worry about it. You can buy (or get freebies for) the avatar that will allow you to look like anyone you like, you can think of these avatars as very rough drafts for the character you'll end up creating.

basic and custom SL avatars
In the center, we have a basic Second Life avatar of the sort you will be able to choose from when you sign up. Left and right, custom avatars. This is why you will not want to stay with a basic avatar. The skin on this custom avatar is a freeebie, so are the cuffs and shackles. The ropy clothes, the hair, the shape and the pink bow tie butt plug (not really all that Gorean an accessory) cost Linden bucks ... but not a lot of them. You can also get nonhuman and fantasy avatars if your taste runs in that direction. But if you want sexy human avatars and matching clothing, the selection is damn near infinite.

You can have as many as eight avatars with a freebie account, so don't sweat that, either. Almost nothing in SL (Second Life) is irrevocable. But there is one irrevocable thing you should know about.

Until you are VERY familiar with the people you play with in SL, I would STRONGLY advise you not to reveal any personal information about yourself to anyone. It's really a good idea to keep your second life and your real life completely separate until you know the lay of the land, better yet, keep it secret, period. Cause once that cat is out of the bag, it's out of the bag: irrevocable. If you have told someone you should not have who you are in real life, you don't get to untell them. Keep your real name, real address, real phone number, real email address, and other such revealing information under your hat. It could save you a LOT of trouble.

Basic vs. custom avatars male
On the left, a basic male avatar, on the right, a custom male avatar. The skin and shape on the custom avatar were actually kinda expensive, must been 1000 lindens, which is four bucks US, but everything else is a freebie. Some spend a LOT of money shopping in Second Life. Female players, I suspect. I went cheap on the hair, I was told I should not have. But hell, looks fine to me.

Also, don't accept gifts from anyone you don't "know." There are people who are stealing stuff from SL residents (Linden dollars are real money, if not as expensive as real dollars) and the objects they give you will allow them to steal your money and your inventory.

But other than that, just wander around and have fun. Get to know the lay of the land. Second Life is atonishingly different from other computer games in many respects, and Second Life Gor is it's own special level of fun and weird. Have fun! It's supposed to be fun! You might just wind up visiting the sim where I play. Not that you'll ever know ...

(All of the following links are slurls (Second Life URLs). Click on them and they'll pull up a web page with a balloon on it, with the wrods "teleport now" and "visit this location" on it. Ignore those, they do not work on Phoenix and Firestorm. Instead, copy the url for the page. Then go to your Second Life browser and open the Communications window. Paste the url into the Local (aka Nearby) chat window and hit return. It will show up in the chat window underlined. Clock on the underlined text, and it will open up a Landmark window. Click on teleport, and you will be transported to the location. (It all sounds complicated, but basically it's a copy and paste with about four mouse clicks, should take about 20 seconds if you take your time about it.)

Non human avatars in Second Life
Of course there is no need to confine yourself to human avatars, especially if you play outside Gor in Second Life. These avatars were all freebies, except one. which was inexpensive. There are probably much nicer ones, if you want to pay for them.

Here are a few places to visit to get you started. Caveats: Many Gorean SL sims are classified as "Adult" by Linden Labs. You will have to be age-verified to visit them. By all means get age-verified. If you are not old enough to play Second Life, don't play Second Life. It'll still be there when you turn 18, and there are plenty of other games to play. In fact, what are you doing reading this blog?

Also, you may want to buy things in Second Life. You buy Lindens in order to do that. They run roughly 250 Lindens to the US dollar. There are many brilliant designers, weapon makers, scripters and builders in Second Life, and the virtual goods are often quite reasonably priced. Have fun! But just so you can get kitted out for free, before you develop your taste for SL gear, I'm including SLURLs for a lot of freebie shops. Have at! Be forewarned, though, sims come and go easily in Second Life, so the sim I list today may not be here tomorrow. Let me know if it's not!

Gorean Welcome Center
This sim is designed to welcome new players to Gor. It has some excellent resources to help you learn how to  roleplay, freebie kits for various kinds of Gorean roles, including clothes, and a large map of Gor with links to let you teleport to various Gorean lands.

Gorean Recruiting Center
This is a great place to find Gorean sims to visit. Just click on the posters which will give you landmarks, or notecards with landmarks on them. (They look like pushpins). Click on the pins and they will pull up a graphic which will have a button called "Teleport" on it. Click that rascal and there you are! Also has plenty of freebies scattered about.

The Gor Hub
This is a place where Gorean congregate to meet and greet and find new places to visit. It's a good place to hang about and listen. There's also a giant map of Gor with many Gorean sims represented it on it. Good place to look around for lands to visit.

Port Haifa Freebie Market
There is a section of regular freebies to the right of the docks as you come off the ship. (Nothing metaphorical here, in most Gorean sims you materialize either on a ship or on docks, to make the the teleportation a little more plausible.) Also freebies hidden in barrels scattered throughout the market. And plenty of goodies to buy in the market. Have fun.

Freebie Temple
Excellent source of freebie weapons and other Gorean RP items.

Sexy Freebies Paradise
This is a non-Gor freebie shop. YOu can get hair, avatars, skins, and a lot of other personal adornments.

Many Gorean sims have freebie costumes for roleplayers available in their markets or in their docks as well. Feel free to take any you like. They're there to let those who want to roleplay, roleplay. Might be you!
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