How To Commit Sexual Roleplay in Second Life Gor
Sexual bondage roleplay in Second Life Gor
This is how you do some hot sexual roleplay in SL Gor ... makes you feel like you're floating in air!
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Second Life Gor at one time had a reputation of being an unending rapefest where new players, most especially new female players, are forced to have their avatar play the game naked and have explicit bondage sex with any player on demand, give out their home phone numbers and credit card numbers, perform naked on a webcam and become a slave to some guy named Derek who lives in his mother's basement and has no job, social skills or money, but IS a bitchin' bow in Second Life Gor, so of course she HAS to do what he says in real life.

Naked slavegirl tied and ass hooked by bitching bow in SL Gor.
"It DOES seem a bit extreme, but he's a super bow in Second Life Gor!"
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It sounds like I am exaggerating here, and maybe I am, but not by much. Second Life Gor had a horrible reputation even in Second Life, that is, among people who were FAMILIAR with the fact that basically all of Second Life, including Second Life Gor, is just a free-form video game. I read so many posts where the writer clearly had forgotten that any SL Gor player can simply shut the game off with a click of the switch that I lost my ability to go 0o and o0 for a time.

Now there may have been some EXTREMELY credulous players who wound up being a Derek's plaything, but mostly it was a matter of butt-ignorant people who were freaked out by maledom/femsub sexual roleplay projecting their freak-out onto SL Gor. Plus the early Goreans played SL Gor hard -- slaves were expected to be submissive even in IMs, and free women fought alongside the men and died on the battlefield with them, while wearing thong bikinis. They were OUT THERE and enjoying the hell out of themselves, but it could be a little scary to people who didn't share their commitment to Gorean roleplay. The reality is, of course, that most people know they are just playing a game, even if it was a game that sometimes led to love and marriage in real life ... more about that later.

So if you want to get your freak on in SL Gor, here's the good news: it's easy, safe and fun, so long as you don't do that irrevocable thing I spoke about in my first post on playing SL Gor (i.e., give out real life information about yourself). All the stuff that gave it a bad reputation is greatly diminished, as the culture of SL Gorean gameplay has evolved to include people with a much wider range of backgrounds and interests than the hardcore Gor novel fans and lifestylers who got Second Life Gor started, and who continue to live mostly peacefully with the current crop of Gorean roleplayers.

So the best way to get involved in Gorean sexual roleplay (RP) is to play the game. Pick your role, find a group, hang with them and learn to play the game, by playing it.  The thing about Gorean roleplay is, it provides LOTS of opportunity for players to engage in sexual RP. Slavegirls are SUPPOSED to be sexually available to their owners. Warriors are SUPPOSED to be sexually interested in slavegirls (and free women, for that matter). It's a lusty game. You can very easily find yourself engaging in sexual roleplay the day you start. You might not be any good at it at first, or you might be a natural, but you will probably have fun.

A bound and gagged avatar engages in hot sexual roleplay.
Him: "I throb with passion as I thrust my blazing rapscallion of lust into your creamy pink slit of womanliness."
Her: "I struggle in my bonds, my warm chocolatey center gone all agooey with passion as the Master's blazing rod ignites my slavey lustihood."
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Sexual roleplay in SL Gor has two elements, typically, text RP and poseballs. Text RP is just like any other RP, you type in your description of what your character is doing and how he or she reacts to it. It's just that it's sex in this case. The more skilled you are at describing your responses and painting the scene, the better.

Poseballs are scripts that animate your character and your sex partner's character (or characters, I've seen poseballs for scripts for threeways and fourways) so that they appear to be having sex. Often they are associated with various kinds of sex furniture (beds, chairs, tables, crosses, racks, etc.) so that you and your partner appear to be having sex on that furniture.

Second Life Gorean roleplayers prepare to hop on their poseballs and ride!
Second Life Gorean roleplayers prepare to hop on their color-coded poseballs and ride!
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The problem with poseballs is that they are scripted, that is, they show the same sequence of generic actions over and over. You can't control what the poses are, other than using a poseball you like. (Yes, you can get freebie/very cheap poseballs, or freebie/very cheap furniture with poseballs, there's pretty much a standard set of freebies going around.) What most experienced roleplayers do with poseballs is use them as a visual reference but are not limited by them. You might be doing doggie style sex and describe tying your partners hands behind her back while fucking her, even though the animation has no animation for such activities. If you let it limit you, things get pretty dull, so a good RPer will be keying on your text, not what is happening with the poseballs.

Second Life poseballs gone very very wrong.
When Second Life poseballs go bad, they can go very, very bad. Here a set of poseballs has jammed a couple right into their floor, their upper bodies dangling from the roof of the room below them. Grisly! A glitch in SL lets us see through the wall at a row of torches outside it. Very scenic!
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But suppose you don't want to do any of that? Suppose you want to only do SOME of that? Suppose you want to HAVE DONE that in the game but not go through the sexual RP? Well, surprise, surprise, players have come up with some alternatives that let you handle (or not handle) sexual RP any way you like. If you don't want to do sexual RP, you can simply not do it, even if you're a slave. A lot of warriors do nothing but fight. Slaves can be "restricted" by their owners or their Masters, which means they cannot be sexually used without the permission of their owner. Also, every SL Avatar has a text window called a "profile" that allows you to put up various text and pictures about things that interest you as handy way to let people know who you are and what your interests are.

Even worser poseballs.
It gets worse. Poseballs routinely position their riders too low or too high, and their are easy ways to adjust them. But really badly set up poseballs can leave their riders at different heights, distances and orientations, making virtual sex ... extremely silly! Not that I mind ...
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One thing that Gorean players can do is put a notice in the "Picks" section of their profile that says what they will and won't do with regard to sexual RP. Some say "No sexual RP" much more common are restrictions on the kind of RP they will not engage in, such as "no scat, no rape, no ageplay, no extreme torture, no gay sex" etc. If someone crosses a boundary in RP, you just refer them to the relevant section of your picks and it's understood they have to back off. Hell, simply telling people they need to back off is sufficient, but the profiles gives them a chance to avoid the limits altogether.

But suppose you want your character to have had sex with someone (or in some particular way). There's are two ways to handle that. You can agree with your partner(s) to "fade to black," following the movie convention from the 50s that the sex/rape/interglactic-gargleblaster-snuff-scene happened, but not roleplaying it out (just as sex scenes were "understood" to occur in 50s movies but were not actually seen}. More in accord with Gorean principles, but less common is the "richly and muchly" option, in which a sex scene is briefly described ("He had her richly and muchly") but not dwelt upon.

Poseballs: the secret of's success!
Now you know the secret of's success: poseballs!
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So, as you might EXPECT in a free-form game like Second Life Gor whose rules and conventions have pretty much been made up by the players as they went along, there's plenty of room to play the game in a way that is comfortable and rewarding to you.

The one thing you WILL have to have is tolerance for the way others like to play the game. If YOU don't want to play Gor in "sexy mode" you don't have to, no one will force you to, but you if you go around trying to force OTHERS to conform to your ideas, well, you're gonna be unpopular.

One other important point: the anonymity that protects you in Second Life Gor sexual roleplay also protect everyone else, which means you don't know squat about the other person behind the avatar you're playing with, necessarily. Which means that handsome Master avatar could be controlled by a considerably LESS handsome male person in real life. Or even by a woman in real life. The slavegirls COULD be considerably less good-looking guys.

I really don't think that's the case for two reasons: logic and personal experience. I'm part of a group that uses vent to raid in GE Gor, so I hear the actual voices of the other players. They are mostly female, but both sexes are represented. So it's not all guys, or all gals. And the gender of the voices matches the genders of the avatars. Plus, logically, most people will roleplay the things they enjoy. There'll be some cross-gender roleplay, because some do enjoy it, and because some are gonna be curious about it. There are gay roleplayers on Gor, but you know, they tend to play gay Goreans, which contrary to popular belief, ARE by the book. There are even gay Gorean sims, primarily with male homosexuals (gay women tend to be panther girls, though some play outlaws and free women in cities). But they like being gay, and they CAN be gay on Gor, though I'm pretty sure there are strict rules agaisnt being fabulous on Gor.

My advice is, if the thought of sexual roleplay with someone whose real life gender is different from their avatar's gender, don't do sexual roleplay, or if you do, make sure that person is the right gender for you. I personally am a pure roleplayer, my character has furred other characters on Gor, but I pay not attention to their OOC character. Don't want to know, I'm here to play the game as a game, and sexual RP is just another part of the game to me. But that's just me.

The sexual elements of Gorean roleplay can lead to real life emotional bonds forming between players. It has happened and has led to new marriages, breakups of existing marriages, the strenthening of traditional marriages, and cyberstalking and real-life stalking. Basically, if you develop a real life relationship, you run the same risks you face in developing real life relationships based on contacts intially made via the anonymity offered by other Internet connections, and you need to take the same precautions you should take in those cases. I'm not about to stand in the way of people finding one another through Second Life Gor if that's what they want to do, that would be dickish of me. If a submissive woman finds a dominant guy (or vice versa) through SL Gor roleplay and they make each other very happy in real life through whatever means, that's great. But everything I've heard indicates that the odds are you'll enjoy Second Life Gor a LOT more if you treat it like a game. And ... it's a GREAT game, better than any other game, by a long sight. I mean ... mommies, if you think READING 50 Shades of Gray was fun ... you ain't seen NOTHING yet! poseball needs adjusting
"I'm pretty sure this poseball needs adjusting ..."
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