Smallville Goes Dental

Allyson Mack, Smallville's Chloe, in a dental gag and a few other sundry devices.
Bet this is one head shot that doesn't make it into her portfolio.

Last week's episode of the network TV series "Smallville" featured a bit of a milestone -- the second appearance of a dental gag on a TV series.

(The first appearance of a dental gag on a TV series was featured in the TV series "Alias" several years ago, and was worn by the series lead, Jennifer Garner.)

Jennifer Garner says "Aaaaahhh" in the first-ever dental gag scene on television. She being a spy who's been captured by enemy counterintelligence types, her chances for getting laughing gas are slim to none.

"Smallville" is a series about the young Clark Kent (aka Superman) growing up and learning about girls and super powers and such. I don't watch it much because it's teen-oriented stories don't have much appeal for me, and because a lot of the appeal of the series is focused on the actor who plays hunky young Clark Kent. Promos for the show indicated that there would be some stringent bondage and gaggage, and for once, they were accurate.

In the scene from this season's "Freaks" episode, Chloe, one of Clark's female friends (played by actress Allyson Mack) is seen stretched out on a medical operating table, surrounded by medical-looking guys in scrub suits.

Normally, such scene are very lame, involving a faux gag in the form of gas mask for administering anesthetic, and no other bondage, generally involving an out-cold patient.

Not so in the Smallville scene. Chloe's mouth is stretched wide open by her gag, her wrists are encased in cuffs that force them to be stretched above her, her legs and hips are similarly encased but not held apart, and in addition to the dental gag a couple of plastic tubes are hooked into her mouth. There's also a metal band holding Chloe's head in place, and a silvery band over her chest and lower torso concealing Chloe's naughty bits from the easily offended TV audience, because Chloe is clearly lying naked on the table. (Getting you naked is standard procedure for hospitals nowadays, even if you've just come in to pay your bill. Especially if it's way overdue.) But bondage is still cutting edge for medical treatments, though if the health care crisis continues to worsen, we may see something along those lines in terms of debtor's prisons.

Chloe in bondage. She's naked under all those bands and stuff, but considering how much of her is covered by them, it's like saying someone is naked underneath their clothes. Still, that nude midiriff and those cuffed arms and most of all that wide-open mouth present a great image of vulnerability and helplesness. Which was surely the idea.

But perhaps even better than Chloe's implied nudity, which is about as nude as a network TV show geared toward a young audience is ever likely to get, is the fact that Chloe is awake, not only awake but looking very much the distressed damsel, which is of course very understandable considering the nature of her predicament. Chloe looks about wildly and makes little sounds with her gagged mouth.

(Now, if I was one of them threatening doctor types, I'D have some kind of anesthesia trickling out of one of them tubes in Chloe's throat so she'd stay nice and relaxed during whatever procedure was being performed on her. It's the natural thing to do, but they DIDN'T do it, because they wanted the scene to be as dramatic as possible, and it was a LOT more dramatic with Chloe looking very panicky and even more helpless. Good for them.)

A scene as powerful and intense as this seems a little out of place in a family-hour network TV superhero series about a hunky teen -- until you remember the series' comic book origins -- Superman and all that. Comics have a long history of strong bondage scenes going all the way back to the 1940s. Check out this link for a few examples.

Dental gags are a natural for medical/torture scenes which is where they've shown up -- the "Alias" scene involved some torture for Jennifer Garner via anesthetic-free dentistry, and the "Smallville" scene is clearly medical in nature, though of course medicine of the criminal, unlicensed sort.

Most people probably have an ambivalent attitude toward dental gags, they being associated with dentistry and all. It's probably the one type of gag that most people who aren't at all into bondage have actually worn.

Thing is, those of us who enjoy commercial bondage imagery have a more positive association with dental gags, primarily because dental gags are the gags that are best about leaving the mouth available to accommodate cocks while in place. I mean, having a woman gagged is great. Having her suck your cock is great. But having a woman suck your cock while gagged is like ice cream on top of Mom's apple pie.

The good folks at Sex and Submission show how a dental gag can be used for maximum sexual bondage effect. in a consensual setting. Goes very well with the steel collar and yoke.

Dental gags are the best gag for this sort of activity, as ring gags tend to havve small inner diameters that block most guys' cocks. Of course, if you have an extremely skinny or small cock that's not a problem, but then, if you have an extremely skinny or small cock then you tend not to show up in erotic films. It's a real Catch-22 when you think about it.

We suspect it'll be awhile before this particular use of the dental gag shows up on network TV.