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When I discovered that director Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Sin City, Spy Kids, Once Upon A Time in Mexico) was proposing plans for a women in prison TV series that would have bondage and lesbianism as major themes, and would star his fiancee Rose McGowan, I knew I had to do something. And that something I had to do was haul out my review of Caged Heat 3000 and the additional pages I wrote to support it, describing the perfect Women in Prison movie.

Then I found out that HBO was planning a Women in Prison series based on the British women in prison series "Bad Girls" (which is about the only mainstream women in prison anything to feature a bit gag) with hotshot writer/director Alan Ball at the helm (Six Feet Under, American Beauty) and I knew I had to do something else: put every frickin' thing I've written on Women in Prison on the site, and link to it from this index. So I will. Because these people need my help. It would be great if somebody finally got it right.

For now, Caged Heat 3000 and associated pages:

Caged Heat 3000 Review A review of one of the best women in prison movies ever, explaining just where it worked and where it didn't, and explaining the structure of exploitation women in prison movies.

How to Make the Perfect Women in Prison Movie I lay it out as clearly as I can ... how to combine the emotional intensity of Lifetime women in prison movies with the raunchy sexuality and strong bondage imagery of sexploitation women in prison movies.

Women in Prison: the Grim Reality (This article is a real downer, being about the Real Thing and all. Don't read it if you aren't prepared to have your women in prison movies buzz severely harshed.)

Bad Girls and Cherry Hill: A Thrill and a Pill An update on a planned women in prison series for 2008 that apparently didn't make the cut, and news of reruns of a Brit women in prison series now available in the U.S. who have liberal digital cable.

Prison World Review and Tour -- Read my explanantion of why commercial bondage videos, which OUGHT to be my favorite genre of women in prison themed video stories, are not. My review of the commercial bondage video Prison World is a perfect explanation of why not.

Doin' Time In the Blue Shadows -- Also for June 24, read my women in prison themed short story "Doin' Time In The Blue Shadows" and tell me if I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Under Lock and Key Review -- Under Lock and Key introduced a concept that ALL women in prison sexploitation films should pick up on -- in-cell nudity. As a result, it may be the nakedest women in prison film evah!

Chained Heat Review -- The progenitor of the modern women in prison flick features a luscious Linda Blair being lesbianically dommed by a smokin' hot Sybil Danning. What's not to like?

Time Served -- Catherine Oxenberg covers up a murder committed by her son and winds up in a prison where she's forced to dance sexily for men. It starts off like a Lifetime women in prison flick and winds up a stripperific exploitation flick, featuring Catherine Oxenberg naked as well as some very talented strippers.

Caged Fury -- This women in prison movie is full of nakedness and violence as Dirk the Human Wrecking Ball demolishes an evil prison facility. And then there's the evil lesbian warden Sybil Thorn, who has an evil leer that will raise hackles on a newborn babe. And a whole circus of bogosity. Fun will be had by all.

Against Their Wills -- You know how I keep talking about Lifetime Channel women in prison movies? Well, this is one. And it has a couple of really strict bondage scenes. How about a straightjacket hogtie? Sure puts a couple of sexploitation women in prison movies I could name to shame.

Bad Girls -- I started my "Women in Prison" section because of the startup of the US women in prison series "Bad Girls" so I thought I should review the British women in prison series "Bad Girls" that it's based on. And add some thoughts on how the US version can avoid fucking up like the Brits did.

Bikini Chain Gang -- This genial spoof of women in prison films gives up the bondage better than most actual women in prison films, which is unusual for a Skinamax film. And of course it's all over the sex and nudity.

Caged Hearts -- Up-and-coming star Carrie Genzel (you may know her from Flash Gordon or Under One Roof) stars in what is by far the best women in prison fight scene I've ever seen. Because it's also a shower scene. And a lesbian rape scene. There's a whole raft of other reasons to like this movie, such as the fact that it's filled with beautiful actresses.

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