An Exciting Tour of Prison World!

Welcome to Prison World where your treatment will be as crappy as these vidcaps ... hell, who am I kidding. In commercial bondage Prison World everybody is getting just what they want -- guards AND prisoners.

By the way, these vidcaps really ARE going to be crappy, because the original, never too good, has degenerated greatly over the years. Call it at least a decade. And while it's kind of appropriate to have a degenerate copy of Prison World, it's also very annoying. I apologize. I had to work Photoshop hard to get vidcaps that were merely this awful. Think about that.

Copyright 2008 by Pat Powers

For pure, primeval sexual exploitation of women in prison themes, you just can't beat commercial bondage films in that genre. You would think they would be my favorite genre of women in prison films, but mostly they aren't and Prison World is an excellent example of why they aren't.

Prison World opens with a check-in scene as an heiress (played by Sarah Jane Hamilton) in street clothes is interrogated by two uniformed guards. They read her her rights: "None." She's forced to strip and then there's the inevitable cavity search scene, here dwelled on at length and with a good shot of the cavities being searched, including some close-up shots of the cavities themselves. (Mainstream women in prison movies tend to go with a reaction shot of the searchee's face, which is nice but not nearly as sexy. Both (cavity being searched and reaction shot of the searchee) is best, of course.)

Part of the cavity search procedure in Prison World involves a dental gag. When you think about it, this brings a whole new meaning to the term "cavity search."

The heiress spends pretty much the rest of the film naked, while being probed, fondled, whipped, etc., along with a couple of other prisoners, as the film quickly degenerates into a series of jailhouse-themed BDSM sex scenes, though there's no actual sex in the sense of explicit shots of penetration of any body part by any other body part, unless you count tongue kissing.

Not that there's anything wrong with tongue kissing.

It is about as far from a Lifetime women in prison movie as you can possibly get. And that's not a good thing. Lifetime women in prison movies excel in building up their characters and fully exploiting the feelings of humiliation and degradation a prisoner feels, especially when they're put through humiliating, degrading ordeals, but they can manage it even in an ordinary dialogue.

The total lack of characterization inPrison World turned all the scenes into nothing more than a group of consensual BDSM scenes, emotionally as well as visually. The victims were clearly enjoying the heck out of themselves, as were their tormentors. It was "girls just want to have fun" with a kinky twist.

The difference betweenPrison World and whatPrison World could be hit me the hardest in a scene involving a prisoner who was tied naked and spreadeagled to a cot in her cell, wearing just a leather g-string thingy, armbinders securing her arms above her head, thigh-high boots and a hood that covered everything but her nostrils and mouth.

A black leather g-string thingy is all that she has to protect her from ... from ... the stuff she likes.

She lies there until a guard comes into a cell and starts alternately whipping and fondling her. All she can do is writhe and stick her pink tongue out of the hood that encases her head, so she does that.

All the prisoner can do under the circumstances is stick out her tongue, so that's what she does, and lo and behold, there's a guard with a breast that needs licking. What a happy coincidence!

The guard, of course, proceeds to make very good use of that moist tongue standing out so pink and vulnerable against the background of the black leather hood, wriggling frantically for attention. And it's very tasty, very powerful imagery as well, easily the sexiest scene in the movie for my money.

But the reason the scene was revealing as well as powerful to me was that it is pretty much a visual representation of the situation that the protagonists of two of my women in prison stories find themselves in. In "The Mmphing in Lot 49" the protagonist is an attractive female prisoner in the near future, when the increased number of prisoners and the expense of keeping the more dangerous of them in maximum security has resulted in a cheaper form of isolation -- they are forced to wear a hood at all times, one with a locking collar that prevents its removal, and to have their hands cuffed behind their backs with soft leather cuffs (so they can remain cuffed for long periods) so that they can't harm others.

Illustration for "The Mmmphing in Cell 49."

Of course, others can harm them, or more to the point of attractive female prisoners in such straits, rape them. And they do. Such prisoners spend a lot of time tied to their cots naked, being fucked by who knows who. The story is set in a women's prison, of course, and is written from the viewpoint of a prison psychologist tasked with keeping the prisoners sane while they are thusly isolated.

Now, you'll notice that there was a LOT of explanation for what was going on in my story, much of it aimed at making the changes in prison procedure plausible, and that's because I think it adds a lot to the dramatic impact of the scenes if you buy into them as something other than a clumsy pretext for a bondage scene, even if it's just a really well done pretext for a bondage scene.

You can see how deeply things are explained in my story "Doing Time in the Blue Shadows" which also has a naked, hooded prisoner having sex, just by reading it here and forming your own opinion.

I guess you'll have to take my word that there was nothing explaining what was going on inPrison World, but come on -- it's commercial bondage porn.

Ok, I'll admit, the chief protagonist-prisoner inPrison World is an heiress, with all that privilege that implies, so there is a fall from grace element to the story, butPrison World makes little or no use of it once it has been established. I would have been all over that plot element, if I'd written that script.

But in the movie, after the initial checking-in scene, the heiress is not different from any of the other prisoners who don't have any characterization at all other than "naked, writhing prisoner in bondage."

In addition to the lack of characterization and plot, the movie is limited in the way that all commercial bondage scenes were prior to the late 1990s, which is to say, no penetration of anything by anything involving genitals and anuses. And in this particular movie, there being no male cast members, there's no male-female anything, also very common in commercial bondage films up until the late 1990s.

Well, this is as close as you get to sexual bondage in Prison World, a doggie style sex scene involving a strap-on dildo. Except that you never see any penetration. And there's no actual bondage -- the woman being fucked (Sarah Jane Hamilton) is not bound in any way. Hey, but they're wearing shiny boots and gloves and stuff!

This considerably dampens the erotic power of the scenes, unless you're really into lesbian bondage and SM (lots of whipping and spanking and using those spiky things that look like the devil's pizza slicer). Which is another problem for the film for me ... I like lesbian stuff OK, but it's not as good as straight out fucking, and SM just plain bores me if it's done fakily and it horrifies me if it's realistically done, so I have very little reason to like this film. (The SM was done fakily, of course.)

The only plus to the movie is that Sarah Jane Hamilton has a terrific bod and knows how to display it, and does so very nicely when she's bound in a position that lets her do so.

Sarah Jane Hamilton has a terrific bod and gets several opportunities to display it. That, at least, they got right.

In fact, I'd take any of the jailhouse-themed vignettes on Sex and Submission overPrison World any day, mostly because they're so much closer to my personal tastes but also because, since actual sex is being had along with all the bondage and the spanking and flogging, it's just a whole lot less fakey. I mean, the women may or may not be faking their orgasms, but they're getting fucked, there's no doubt about that.

There's no doubt what's going on here in this jailhouse scenario from Sex and Submission .

But what really makes Sex and Submission more powerful imagery thanPrison World is that there's no pretext of art in the Sex and Submission vignettes. It's not a play or a movie, it's a video of a man tying up a woman and fucking her. Her orgasms may not be real, but her situation is. She's tied up, ballgagged and with her butt hanging out there in the air for all to see and play with, and she's getting fucked, also for all to see, and there's nothing she can do about it. (OK, there's her safeword, but even then she must depend on the guys who tied her up in the first place to untie her ... SHE'S not working her way out of those ropes, chains, manacles, yokes, etc., unassisted).

Tied at wrists and ankles in this jailhouse scenario from Sex and Submission the model must display herself to any who pass by -- her butt is hanging out there for all to see. That's why I had to put the flesh lollipop there.

The same is not true of the women inPrison World. Sure, they're in bondage, but they're not getting fucked, just fondled and petted and the bondage is weak and not so hang-that-ass-out-there-so-I-can-get-my-cock-in-it-y. Plus, they are pretending there's a movie, it's not just two models getting it on bondage-wise.

The realism in Sex and Submission vignettes is very similar to the phenomenon that occurs in vanilla porn, where the woman is giving a blowjob, and there's a close-up of her looking at the camera. Voyeurs love that, and so do most of the rest of us. It's because when the woman looks at the camera she's stopped being an actress or model on a shoot and become just a woman with a cock in her mouth, looking at a camera as it records her blowjobbery for posterity.

The model in this jailhouse bondage scene from Sex and Submission gazes at the camera, acknowledging its presence, and by extension, the viewers' becoming in that instant just a naked woman in bondage, ballgagged and getting seriously fucked, rather than an actress making a video.

The Sex and Submission shoots have the same kind of immediacy, making them much more powerful than commercial bondage videos likePrison World.

The folks and Sex and Submission seem to know this because the first scenario in any given shoot involves the model being interviewed by the male model who'll be fucking her in pretty short order.

He generally asks her about why she's there, has she ever done sexual bondage either personally or professionally, and how she feels about sexual bondage. They're clearly trying to help the viewer build an identity for their model, to make the shoot more powerful. If you feel you know who she is, you're going to be much more interested in watching her get tied up and fucked.

(Now, being the suspicious and cynical guy that I am, I have never been able to buy into these interviews to any great extent, because it's evident to me that the female models are there for the hundreds or thousands of dollars they are being paid to get tied up and fucked. (I have no idea how much they make, but I'm sure it's a LOT more than five bucks an hour.) And I suspect that they'll say whatever they think wants them to say, because they want the gig, and if possible, they want several gigs.)

But still, I watch those interviews anyway, because the models do reveal themselves, even when they are lying, if only in the way they lie. And to be honest, a lot of the time, I don't think they're lying.

All that immediacy and personality just makes Sex and Submission's vignettes much more erotically powerful than the ones inPrison World. But of course, they don't really have much of a "Prison" feel to them ... there's no sense of a fall from grace, as these are simply models doing what they have contracted to do, albeit in a jailhouse setting. Even when they roleplay, as they tend to in jailhouse scenarios, they're so obviously models doing a bondage roleplay that there's no "women in prison" feel to it.

Mika Tan does some great roleplaying in this jailhouse scenario from Sex and Submission -- just look at those helpless, pleading eyes -- but there's no fall from grace element here. She's a bondage model doing a great job of acting out a jailhouse scenario, not a middle class housewife suddenly relegated to the status of caged animal.

AndPrison World has the same fucking problem, only it's not nearly so sexy.Prison World is just a series of bondage vignettes, with a jailhouse theme, it's not really a women in prison movie.

And because its actresses are "in role" throughout the video, they don't have that immediacy (just a woman being tied up naked and fondled and petted) that Sex and Submission has for its jailhouse bondage scenes.

And because there's no background or character building in the movie,Prison World also lacks the emotional power of Lifetime women in prison movies or even a well-done sexploitation film.

What it does have going for it is Sarah Jane Hamilton's extremely fine body in bondage, and although that isn't enough to make it a women in prison flick, it's enough to make it a very fine bondage video for its day and age.

Sarah Jane Hamilton ... yowzah!

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