Women In Prison Gets Real

Here's an actual woman in actual chains in an actual courtroom, her dignity completely stripped away as she struggles to escape. It’s not that she’s slutty or depraved that makes her act like this -- she probably has been in prison before and knows what she’s in for...

Here's a story about abuses in our women's prison system:

Slaves To The System

Horrifying, wasn't it? The fact that she won her lawsuit also means it's true enough to make a judge force the jail to settle, and believe me, that doesn't happen much when it's prisoners vs. correctional faciltiies. Matches anything you'd see in the movies, and as the story makes clear, it's happening all over this great (well, semi-great with this sort of thing going on) land of ours. The thing you have to remember is that that story dates from 1998, it's almost ten years old, which means the numbers are so much higher than those in this story

Sexual coercion and sexual violence are widespread in American women's prisons, where male guards routinely use their power for their sexual advantage. There's way too much rape, and way too much brutality in American women's prisons, especially since most women are in prison mostly for nonviolent offenses like drug abuse and prostitution.

Some percentage of the women who are in prison are innocent. Which means some percentage of the women raped in prison are innocent. That's where a huge prison system with harsh penalties for drug-related crimes gets you -- the rape of the innocent. Even one is too many, but that doesn't seem to bother our leaders.

Here's a pregnant prisoner having her leg shackles removed before being giving birth. In England they recently had a flap about women prisoners being chained to their hospital beds WHILE giving birth. The same thing happens in Alaska a lot. When women are vulnerable, abuse occurs almost inevitably due to the predation impulses almost all men share.

It takes a lot of fun out of women in prison movies to know that it's not some farfetched, lurid fantasy, but a grim fact for some women here in the U.S. Because part of the pleasure of women in prison movies is knowing they're not for real -- they're just lurid fantasies of prison life based more on the creators' and audiences' sexual impulses than anything that is happening in real life.

I'd like to go back to the days when I could watch a jailhouse rape in a women in prison movie with the same innocent pleasure I take in watching dinosaurs chasing and eating cavemen and cavewomen in movies, knowing that it's just something that happens in the movies, knowing that it's not real life. But I can't. There really are women treated very badly in our prisons, and though a few of them have committed acts so horrendous that it's really hard to care how they're treated, most of them are just women who prostituted themselves or got hooked on drugs or were otherwise really stupid, but not necessarily evil. They don't deserve to be raped and beaten. We should be ashamed.

Notice I don't have any hot butt pictures declaring "the end" on this page. That's because the real thing isn't hot, or fun, or funny. It's just another tiresome instance of how badly America sometimes fail as a society.

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