This November/December 1968 issue announces the new but not at all improved Wonder Woman. The Amazons are forced to leave Paradise Island because of ... reasons ... and Wonder Woman chooses to stay behind because she loves Steve Trevor. She loses all her powers and all her connections to the Greek Gods and everything that made her, well, interesting and different. But she DOES get really good at karate ... almost as good as Emma Peel or Modesty Blaise. Now she's just Diana Prince, the character who used to be known as Wonder Woman.

This is probably the stupidest revamp any comic publisher has ever done of a major franchise character, and brother, that's saying something. I mean, probably worse things were done with minor characters like Matter Eater Lad, but when you start out with something like Matter Eater Lad, you really aren't losing a lot no matter what you do to them. But mucking over Marston's brilliant creation so thoroughly ... that's fucking up big time.

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