If you guessed that Wonder Woman got her super powers restored, you're absolutely right! She got her old costume back. Clearly, DC was paying attention to what feminists thought of their magazine. But the amazing thing is, Wonder Woman still wound up in bondage a lot. Sometimes practically naked and in bondage, as in this panel from a 1978 issue of Wonder Woman, chained at the wrists and pretty much naked. DC may have been listening to the feminists, but it seems pretty aware that 90 percent of the magazine's sales were still being made to young men, young men who had become accustomed to being able to see naked women in chains.

The creators of Wonder Woman escaped feminist ire by using one of two techniques for presenting images of women, scantily clad or otherwise, in bondage. Note that although she is naked and chained, Wonder Woman is kicking ass, strangling the beastie with her chains, much as Princess Leia, also half naked and in chains, strangled Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars. It's OK to be naked or half naked and in chains, if you're kicking ass as you do so. There's another useful technique along those lines we'll look at in our next page.

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