Here's a 1977 image showing Wonder Woman kneeling, bound and submissive before a fully clothed man, surrounded by other fully clothed man. Very not feminist stuff indeed. But it's OK, because it's showing how bad and patriarchal and so forth the guys who have captured Wonder Woman are, and will help serve to justify her kicking the snot out of them in the next several panels. That's the second technique for feminist-approved maledom bondage and dominance images ... let the images serve as a justification for how bad the bad men are. None of the yearning for submission you see in the Marston years, nossirreebob.

By the way, if those uniformed guys look kinda like Nazis to you, it's because they are. The comics storyline was handwaved back into the 1940s because the TV show, which was then current, was also set in the 1940s. They did a LOT of dicking around with Wonder Woman's character during the 70s, also the 80s, 90s and 2000s. I'm not sure I blame them. It must be hell to come up with new story ideas given the tremendous number of stories presented since 1941 when Wonder Woman first appeared. The only thing they haven't done to Wonder Woman is make her into a chick with a dick, and you have to figure if a molecular transformer can make her into a gorilla, making her into a chick with a dick would be a trivial thing indeed for such a device.

The problem of coming up with new stories about Wonder Woman is especially difficult if you don't want to be too original, as was clearly the case with most writers since Marston. Marston was just TOO original. What was HE thinking? Well, sure Wonder Woman was a success and sold well when Marston was writing it, but a rich, original mythos and strong, interesting characterizations will only get you so far. Eventually, readers will want to be bored with your work. And then where will you be?

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