Yowzah! I mean, yow-fucking-ZAH! This is that 1986 image I mentioned earlier, and I think you get the picture. Wonder Woman's mom, Hippolyta, naked, kneeling helplessly before Hercules, chained, cuffed and collared with Hercules grasping her by the hair. In the very next frame you know he's gonna pull her head under that skirt and introduce her mouth to the Pole of Hercules. This is the Amazons' enslavement to Hercules presented directly in ways that Marston never could have back in the 1950s (especially with that piss-poor artist he had). I'm sure Marston IMAGINED it this way, because he was totally into sexual bondage. But even in the pre-Code years, an image like this would have been a little much.

This image was acceptable only because comics moved out of newsstand sales and into comic book shops, which meant they no longer had to worry about kiddies unexpectedly buying a copy and then asking mommy why the big man in a miniskirt was pulling the chained-up naked lady's hair. This meant that comics publishers could appeal to horny fanboys -- and they have, ever since, though Wonder Woman has been a lot less forthcoming than many of her competitors in working on the old T and A. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but that's what they are, exceptions.

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