I know what you're thinking. You took one look at that cover and thought, "So, Wonder Woman finally made her way to Gor."

Silly you.

Diana and Tasha, the other woman in the picture (sure, she LOOKS like a guy, but she's a chick, it's just the hairdo and the square jaw that throw you off) were travelling in a spaceship which was sabotaged and they were sent driifting into space, where they were discovered and captured by a race called the Sangtree, alien slavers with interstellar starship technology who still mine quarries with captive, unwilling manual labor. Actually in this case, womanual labor, because this prison planet is all-female, which only makes sense. Yeah, sense. Just like Gor makes sense ...

Still, there's no SEXUAL bondage in this story. Wonder Woman and her fellow suffering bondagettes worked in quarries instead, so it's not Gor, which is all about the SEXUAL bondage (that's why we like it). This story is more like that episode of "Angel" where Cordelia goes to the demon world of Pyleia and becomes a slavegirl, which is known among the cognescenti, or "total degenerates" as they are also called, as "Cordelia Goes To Gor." Pyleia is not Gor, either, but Gor has so completely overwhelmed the slavegirl meme among the cognescenti that any image of a woman collared and chained and dressed in a scanty shift is apt to be labelled Gorean by those who know.

Perhaps the authors meant to comment on or do an homage to Gor, but without any sexual bondage, it's wasted effort. More likely they just wanted to serve up some of that tasty slavegirl cheese for the fanboys in this issue, which mightily annoyed Wonder Woman's Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG) readers (and Wonder Woman attracts SNAGs like a snagnet, er, magnet). Fortunately, there aren't very many SNAGs, even though a lot of them are Wonder Woman fans.

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