Well, it had to happen eventually. After so much time spent doing bondage and SM, Wonder Woman finally had to do some snuff.

OK, I borrowed that line from Superdickery's hilarious Suffering Sappho gallery, because I got nothing to match it, and I hereby encourage you to go there for some great Wonder Woman bondage humor.

Despite the great graphic imagery with the heavy chains, I consider this photo a good example of how little feel the writers and artists who do Wonder Woman have for their character. Wonder Woman has faced death innumerable times without flinching ... six to twelve times a year for over sixty fucking years. She's been an actual GOD, and she gave up her godhood, along with her immortality, something which people who are inordinately fearful of dying are not likely to do. Wonder Woman is not afraid to die, in fact, I'm sure she's been killed off at least once in her history with DC (publishers are like that -- not even death will get you out of working for them). Seeing her wincing and sweating in terror at the mere prospect of death is just not consistent with the character as written over almost all of her 60 year history. Quite dramatic, though.

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