This is perhaps the kinkiest Wonder Woman cover ever. Furry. Lesbian. Bondage. With Breath Play.

Of course, the publishers/writers at DC would probably say it's just a dramatic image of Wonder Woman struggling to capture The Cheetah in her golden lasso. But those two huge, prominently displayed breasts of The Cheetah with the clever shadowing of her nipples kinda puts the lie to that. Not to mention Wonder Woman's extended leg on tiptoe, posing for the audience as she controls her furry submissive.

I think we'll soon have another villain begging for a set of chains and a ticket to Reform Island, yes indeedy.

Bondage images like this have been rare (for Wonder Woman comics, anyway) since the 1980s, but when they've occurred, they've been really well done. I ascribe that to the greater freedom allowed to publishers once they went off newsstand circulation, and the fact that they have some seriously talented artists doing their covers. This one's by J.G. Jones.

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