You have to know that with all the incompetent villains who've captured Wonder Woman in her Golden Lasso and then not given her any, um, reward for being captured, it would eventually come to this. Self bondage. Yeah, it's important to wrap yourself very tightly, isn't it Wonder Woman? And to secure yourself to those bars so you can't get loose no matter HOW wildly you writhe.

Note how well Wonder Woman's voluptuous figure is sensuously defined by the curves of the ropes. Note how one breast appears to have a nipple poking through the ropework. The rope also appears to be a lot longer than it normally is ... look at ALL those loops of rope around her figure. I'm surprised she can breathe. Those knots tied into the lasso where it digs in between her labia must be pressing hard against her naughty bits. Of course, we can't see those knots, but just look at that image. We know they're in there.

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