During the 1950s Wonder Woman shamelessly cozied up to the social conservatives who were running things at that time, and did wholesome stuff like rescue Steve Trevor from bad guys, as well as rescuing the occasional cute redhead from heterosex... er, fires and stuff. She also fell for Steve Trevor and a couple of superheroes, apparently in an attrempt to get rid of that "lesbian" label that Dr. Wertham hung on her in "Seduction of the Innocent." She was in short a slut, but a virginal one in that she never had sex with anyone, this being the 50s when even live-action women never got laid (you really have to wonder how the Baby Boom happened). So to compensate, we guess, Wonder Woman took part in healthy competitive sports like playing baseball ... with gorillas, as in this November/December 1955 cover. A disturbing number of Wonder Woman stories during the 50s and 60s dealt with gorillas. I'm not sure what that signifies. Well, actually I am sure. I just wish I wasn't so sure ...

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