Brenda Starr was one hottie of a reporter back in the day! Of course, she's still a hottie, but it's interesting that she used to be a blonde. And look at the way her hips and butt fill out that dress she's almost wearing. I mean, that bit of dress covering her right breast is on the point of falling off -- all that's holding it up is sheer woman power. There's no telling what happened to get her dress all torn up and ragged, barely covering her crotch and desperately clinging to her breasts as it is. But given that Brenda Starr is a reporter, I'm guessing she's recently been involved in an editorial conference. I mean, no bad guy would be enough of a beast to almost disrobe her, but editors -- they're barely human at the best of times. I suppose Brenda could have been investigating the murky web of sinister intrigues of some underworld kingpin so he had some of the boys put her on ice. But who ever heard of a snoopy reporter being subjected to THAT kind of treatment?

The bondage here is negligible at best, but at least they've got Brenda's hands secured behind her back. No gag, and you have to figure there should be, because if someone can hear her tapping out an SOS with the metal ring binding her to the radiator, they might just be able to hear her screaming for help. But incompetent villains are hardly news.

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