Here we have Buffalo Bill putting the kibosh on an Indian warrior, and deservingly so, as the Indian warrior has just missed Bill at point-blank range. Must belong to the no-see-um tribe. (Interesting point: an advertsing technique was named after this tribe. They would run ads for their casinos over and over and over, saturating markets with them, until nobody could stand them, and so people called that carrying things out "ad no-see-um.")

The Indian, as usual, is little more than a racial stereotype, done with all the care and attention to detail we have come to associate with comic book artists. He wears little more than a loincloth, and seems generally dressed like a plains Indian or an Indian of the southwest, where temperatures generally encourage lighter dress. But directly behind him is a totem pole which as everyone except comic artists know, is a product of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest.

But the real totem pole is probably the one being eyed by the damsel in distress with a sort of Tex Avery goo-goo eyed expression, as she gazes at the Indians breechclout. Judging by her expression, she wouldn't mind being distressed just a few minutes or hours longer if it means she gets a shot at her captor's totem pole. No wonder Buffalo Bill is looking so pissed as he clobbers the Indian.

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