It's obvious what has happened here. Somebody went trick or treating as zombies and they got lucky and went to one of those fabled Hollywood homes where they give out used B-movie starlets in chains instead of candy.

I love it when the damsels in distress look like they came direct from the cast of a racy 50s B-movie ("High School Prison Confidential!"), like the damsels shown on this cover of "Diary of Horror." I mean, check out the bods on those two damsels! Great racks, rounded hips, legs that go to there, carefully made up hair and faces, even though they're being dragged by zombies. Where do zombies meet women who look like this? Most women I know, much less attractive women I know, make it a point to avoid guys with no skin on their skulls and a tendency to say "Braaaaaains!" at inopportune moments. Msybe it's some strange iteration of that whole "bad boy" thing.

The bondage on this cover is weak, I mean, there's chains and all and I guess the women are secured to them in some way, but it's really hard to say how, especially on that second damsel. Still, the hotness of the damsels would have gotten a guy like Wertham all worked up, you betcha.

What's really important about this image is, it shows how far we've come. Back in 1952 when this comic cover was new, you had to be a card-carrying zombie to get a cool skull-with-candle lamp. Nowadays just about anybody can have one, and at quite reasonable prices.

Braaaaaaaans ...

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