OK, OK, this is NOT a cover from the 1940s, it's from the 1990s, a publication called "Last of the Viking Heroes." I guess the almost-naked Betty Page clone chained to a tree gave it away, eh?

I put this cover here for a reason, though. Compare this cover with the previous Fight Comics cover. I'll grant you, this cover has more impact because the damsel in distress is so much nakeder than the one on the Fight Comics cover. But does it have all that MUCH more impact?

I'd argue that the Fight Comics cover has almost as much impact as this cover, because it has all kinds of flesh on display, and because the artist made superior use of color contrast to make the damsel's body "pop" more in relation to the rest of the cover. The dark, lush green background jungle background brings out the pink skin of the Fight Comics damsel much more powerfully than the bark of the tree the Last of the Viking Heroes damsel is secured to, which is almost the same color as her skin. The poor color contrast really detracts from the impact of her body, which is a shame because the artist has done a GREAT job with the damsel's expression.

I'd also argue that the freedom artists currently have to draw naked or half-naked damsels has led to a reduction in the imaginativeness and severity of the bondage portrayed. You don't see bondage as severe as the images from these 1940s and 50s era comics nowadays, for the most part. (There are exceptions, but that's what they are, exceptions.) As for the cover itself, what can one say but "Hubba, hubba!" So consider it said.

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