There are so many different directions a person could go with on this cover. The main thing of course is the garish color. It looks like a kid did it, using crayons. A kid who only used a black crayon for his outlines, and only used the three primary colors, "because those are the STRONGEST colors and this is a strong cover!"

It's a strong cover, alrighty. Some would say, overwhelming. But color isn't the only story here. What's with the simpering smile on the Flame's face? He appears to be a Human Torch wannabe, who only throws fire with his fists instead of catching fire personally, although parts of him are on fire. But there's something a little soft about the guy's face, like he'd really rather be emceeing game shows than throwing flames at Chupracabras. (Hey, this cover is from August 1941, did they even KNOW about Chupacabras then?)

The damsel in distress is secured over a toothed wheel with steel bands, with some really nice, imaginative, tight-looking bondage, while the Chupacabra in the foreground appears to be on the point of pulling a lever with his cloven hoof. Unfortunately it's hard to tell from the illustration what sort of horrible fate awaits our damsel. Maybe something to do with the curved toothy metal thing at her feet, but the way it's drawn, it's a lot closer to the Chupacabra than the damsel. It's really hard to figure out -- a hallmark of bad illustration.

I suppose this cover does achieve every cover's goal: it does want you to read the story inside the comic, because if the story is even half as lame as the cover, you know it's going to be INCREDIBLY lame, even by comic book standards. And that's saying something.

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