Along with all the jungle girls, there were plenty of jungle men, mostly Tarzan wannabes, like Ka'anga here. Ka'anga was one of the better drawn and inked comics of the 1940s, which was notable for the wild variances in the quality of the artwork. On the one hand, you had stuff like Ka'anga and Fight Comics. On the other hand, you had stuff like the Flame.

The interesting bit here is the bondage the damsel in distress has been subjected to. They've got a nice red over the mouth gag on her. They've got her feet roped together. And they've got one of her wrists chained. The other wrist is pretty much free. There's really no point in gagging someone if you leave their hands free or even if you just tie their hands in front of them -- it's no problem to remove the gag under those circumstances. Untying her feet would be easy, too. It would have made a lot of sense to chain her other wrist. I wonder why the Africans who've captured her didn't. My guess is -- clueless if talented artist.

And since when do jungle kings need anything but their bare shoulders to bust open a door? Is Kaanga the SENSIBLE Jungle King or what?

Finally, loks like another Betty Page clone on this cover. It's from Summer 1950 though. I don't think Betty was on the radar in those days. Interesting.

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