This has to be the weirdest cover I've found. It's from the January 1942 issue of Mystic Comics. Many covers make the Germans and the Japanese look inhuman, but EVERYBODY on this cover looks at least a little inhuman, including the heroic rescuer and the damsel in distress.

Of course, the bad guys look the most inhuman, with their pointy teeth and ears, too-large mouths and generally uglified faces. Judging from the swastika on the iron maiden the damsel is in, I'm guessing they're either supposed to be actual Nazis or some kind of supernatural Nazi assistants.

The hero, The Mighty Destroyer, with his blank eyes and crazed grin is no prize as well. He looks capable enough, casually mashing a villain's face with an enormous hand as he floats into the room. But with those blank eyes and that crazed expression, he doesn't look like he's all there. Like, one minute he might be crushing villain face, and the next he might be crushing damsel face, and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to him either way, so long as he got to crush some face.

The damsel is the piece de resistance. She's in an iron maiden, chained with an iron collar, tied with ropes around her waist and her arms behind her back to judge from the way they're held, and she's looking up at the Destroyer, and she looks pissed, not terrified.

She seems to be saying, "What are you doing here? They are about to do the thing with the spikes now. Go away. Come back later if you must." I've known women like that. They're all excited about being stripped naked, tied up and gagged and getting totally sexed up while tied, gagged, naked, etc. Then some smooth-talking goblin with an iron maiden filled with sharp spikes comes along, and suddenly you're just not BAD enough for 'em ...

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