Airplane bondage is not a kink that we hear much about nowadays, but for a time in the 1940s, on the cover of Wings magazine, it was pretty darned commonplace, as on this cover from the February 1948 issue. I especially like the way the artist for Wings drew women's bodies and faces -- healthy, voluptuous and wholesome, precursors of Betty Page. And like many other artists of the era, he saw to it that the women's clothing did little or nothing to conceal the outline of their figures. Check out the way that airgirl's dress is barely covering her left breast, held up only by the sheer roundedness of said breast. The outline of that right breast is also ... very nice.

The bondage is fairly intense by modern standards, her elbows bound to a pole held behind her bakc, her hands bound together in front of ehr, and ropes attached to her legs and an airplane.

I also like the cheerful irrationality of the bondage. If you want to terrify or kill a woman, there's got to be a lot of easier and/or surer ways to do it than attaching her to an airplane. But that does not deter our artist, who clearly grasps that his chief goal is entertainment, not realism. We salute, you bygone aircraft bondage artist extraordinaire.

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