Here we have Captain America himself schwinging into action as he hurtles to rescue a damsel bound lying face up with a big, spiky ball suspended over her face, and a sinister Oriental stereotype (a Japanese ... nazi?) about to cut the rope that keeps the ball from falling on said face.

Now, check out the shadows on Captain America's trousers. It's pretty obvious that Captain America has a bad case of spandex trouser tenting going on.

What has him so excited? The prospect of rescuing the damsel? The prospect of kicking some Japanese butt? Or the teenaged boy clinging to his waist as he hurtles through the air?

We don't know and we don't care. We simply salute the artist who came up with the idea of making an erection front and center of a 1940s era comic book. We're not sure if it was a GOOD idea, mind you, but we're damn sure it was a BOLD idea.

As for the bondage, pretty extreme stuff with the spiky ball and all. And check out the bod on the damsel (Mary Marvel, I believe, or is that Shazam?). Granted, she has a chin of Jay Leno-esque proportions, but her breasts rise to the occasion as well.

I guess the artist figured he had to have something to distract people from the centerpiece of the illustration. The nice breasts, the extreme bondage, the racism and the violence apparently did the trick. Good show.

And this seems as good a place as any to end our extended series of Wonder Woman's bondage competitors. Because you just can't top stuff like this. And if by now we haven't convinced you that things were different back in the 1940s and early 1950s, we never will.

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