Fighting the Germans and the Japanese took brave American fighting men and brave American damsels in distress to be rescued by them. Or damsels in distress of any nation, really. And thanks to the utter depravity of the World War II-era Germans and Japanese, American comic book artists were able to let their imaginations run riot. The most fiendish perils imaginable were portrayable because the Germans and Japanese were routinely outdoing anything the comic book artists could come up with in real life in terms of nastiness. Probably they didn't kill rape and torture Caucasian female hotties with anything like the frequency portrayed in comics, but that's just the sort of thing artistic license was invented for.

This image is notable for the extent of the bondage. A German officer has a damsel tied up on a cave, presumably on an island. She's got ropes around her waist, her hands are bound behind her back, she's wearing a tight over the mouth gag, and most significantly, her ankles are chained to a stake in the ground. She's very thoroughly tied up. And her ankles are the most securely bound part of her body. It's like they had plans for her other than just keeping her on ice, plans that involved controlling the position of her legs. Understandable, considering the way her breasts press out against that sheer blouse she's wearing. She's also dressed in heels and a very tight skirt. I'm betting she's a ... homemaker. Mm-hmm.

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