This image from the July 1947 issue of Blue Beetle comics is about the best example I could find of artists doing nude figure studies and then putting in a line or two to indicate the borders of the garment and coloring it in to make the damsel look clothed. The damsel above is clearly nude from the waist up, the artist even drew in the shadows of the woman's nipples, something that I haven't seen elsewhere. The bondage is also kind of nice, with chains on the damsel's bare feet and her wrists clearly attached to another chain behind her, though that is unseen.

To make my point perfectly clear, I cropped out the damsel's upper torso and sampled her arm's flesh color using the Photoshop sampling tool. Then I loaded the color into the Paint Bucket tool and replace the orange of her blouse with the flesh color. The new color slightly overpainted the lines of the woman's blouse, but otherwise there were no changes made to the drawing. I think my point is made. That chick is nude, man.

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