You just have to wonder what the gal in the skimpy red dress did to piss off the guys in the black hoods, in this cover from the November 1944 issue of Daredevil comics. They've got her tied to a chair back by the wrists and a rope running between her arms and her back, and one of them is pulling her hair to keep her from moving too much while he beats her with a knotted whip, and two others have iron boots on her feet and are pouring hot stuff into the boots.

Daredevil and his buddies are just on the point of rescuing her with some ineffectual-looking boomerangs, but you've got to figure it hasn't been a completely timely rescue as you can see hot stuff slopping out of one boot and pouring into the other. She's already had a very rough time of it. This crosses the line right into sadism, because the peril isn't imminent, it's already happened. Kinda puts a new focus on Daredevil, does it not?

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