Here's the exception that proves the rule. Generally comics of the 1950s were strictly DiD stuff with no hint of sexual hanky-panky going down. Torture? Sure! Murder? Why not? But no sex.

But this hot blonde seen in this image from a 1944 issue of The Black Terror Comics is bound and gagged on a BED. Wearing HAREM-GIRL pants and a matching top. Clearly someone, either she or her captor or the both of them, are Up To Something sex-wise. This is the ONLY picture I could find which clearly implies sexual activity, and of course it's only IMPLIED here, the woman might be tied up on a bed in a harem-girl outfit by coincidence, and undoubtedly was in the story, because comics of the day NEVER, EVER mentioned sex in any way, shape or form.

They were supposed to be for kids, you see.

(Interestingly enough, the fact that the woman was bound and gagged might have been used as a defense against charges that the image was supposed to be of a sexual nature. The idea being that people of the time were so innocent that they might have accepted a notion that having a woman tied up automatically argued for a damsel in distress situation rather than a sexual situation, because tying women up for sexual pleasure was so unthinkable that it was beyond the pale. If you were going to introduce sexual bondage in a story, it would have to be within the context of sexual insanity -- because sexual bondage fetishism was officially considered a form of insanity at the time and could get you committed to an asylum against your will under some circumstances.)

In much the same way, rape can be implied in many of the DiD situations that are seen in these comics, but rape is kind of related to sex so it wasn't implied, no matter that the women were almost always hotties drawn in such a manner that they looked practically nude. Or that they were sometimes tied in ways that suggested they were being restrained for sexual reasons, like the woman on the cover of Fight Comics with the chained ankles.

The important thing was, sex was never directly alluded to, no matter how hot the hotties, no matter how naked they were under their skimpy clothing, and no matter how imaginatively they were bound. This image is pushing the line though. A guy like Wertham could get a lot of mileage out of an image like this one. I'm not surprised this is the most extreme image of its type I could find.

Also, it just figure that back in the 40s, the Black Terror would be a white man.

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