Boy Comics featured "All Boy Heroes" -- no girly heroes or adults need apply! I like the gratuitousness of this bondage -- the woman is in a sectioned sire cage with tiny apertures for her torso and thighs. She's not going anywhere. But still, her ankles and torso are roped. I also like the damsel's expression -- she looks straight at the viewer with a mildly alarmed expression, as if she's playing it for laughs, "Isn't it horrible that I'm in a cage with rats? Being caged with rats was not in my contract! It's NEVER in the contract! But it's amazing how often it happens. I must talk to my agent about this."

In future years Rodent Man would go on to host a popular television show in the U.S. called "Fear Factor" where he'd do the exact same things to women (and men) or worse, and get paid very well for it. Funny how that works out. Hero Boy, after a brief stint as an underwear model, wound up teaching aerobics at the Y. The model in the cage is actress Kitty Carlyle. And the monkey later became President of the USA!

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