The Index!

The freakiest comic book cover we found, courtesy of Rangers Comics!

Totally perverted airplane bondage courtesy of Wings Comics!

One thoroughly tied up damsel courtesy of Fight Comics, and BTW, why are ankles chained like that?

A totally topless babe in bondage, courtesy of Blue Beetle Comics!

Daredevil Comics does some hard core bondage AND sadism!

Bondage gets downright sexy in this cover from The Black Terror Comics!

And the extended index ...

Blackhawk Comics invites you to meet Rugoth the original goth idol ...

Boy Comics, with a little early Fear Factor action ...

This just in ... underworld kingpin puts snoopy female reporter Brenda Starr on ice!

Fair-skinned woman checks out the old totem pole ...

Diary of Horror shows trick or treating done right!

Fight Comics presents face lifting the old-fashioned way ...

The "circus" theory of zoology ...

A little modern nudity ...

A fauvist flames out!

Kaanga -- the SENSIBLE jungle king!

Mystic Comics -- easily the weirdest cover from the 40s and 50s that I've found. That has bondage. There are others. Oh, believe me, there are others.

Yellow silk bathrobes are, of course, Satan's loungewear.

How Todd MacFarlane got his start.

Captain America schwings into action!

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