Consensual Bondage: Why So Many Loosies?

Because it's Skinamax territory, that's why!

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

More often than not, when you see a woman tied up in a Skinamax consensual sexual bondage scene, it's a minimalist Loosie, i.e., the woman's tied only by the wrists, and it appears that she could slip out of her wrist bonds in about three seconds with a minimum of effort. In fact, some Skinamax scenes, she has to hang on to her bonds to stay in "bondage."

And why not, you ask? Why shouldn't Loosies be used in consensual bondage scenes? It's not like the woman is TRYING to get away. She's tied up because she wants to be tied up, so there's no point in tying her up tightly, is there? Surely the bondage is only symbolic.

Well, actually, yes, yes there is a reason to tie consensual bindees up tight.

Women who are tied because they WANT to be tied up, tend to want to be tied up TIGHTLY! People who practice bondage like to be tied in ways that are much more complex and stringent than any mere kidnapper would ever envision. They're INTO bondage.

That's why there's a good market for bondage gear, for cuffs, shackles, chains, gags, hoods, collars and such that can provide that total restraint that bondage lovers enjoy. If bondage lovers cared ony for loosies with improvised materials, there wouldn't be any manufacturers and distributors of bondage gear.

And while consensual bondage lovers use their bonds in ways that ensure the safety and comfort of the bindee, the security and stringency of the bonds is also ensured --because both binder and bindee want it that way.

About the only time when loosies would be appropriate in a consensual bondage scene would be when a couple is experimenting with bondage, or if the bindee is a willing but reluctant participant, so the binder tries to assuage her doubts by keeping the bonds loose. That requires a little set-up, which you generally don't get in Skinamax films.

But Skinamax films routinely portray couples engaging in bondage as part of their regular sexual practice, and doing the minimalist loosie thing as part of it. And all too often, they also show the woman bound with a single loop of cord that looks like it could do some nasty nerve damage if any limbs were to thrash inside it and tighten it. I mean, one of the major reasons to bind someone with several loops of cord is to distribute the pressure across a wider area, makign the bondage much safer for the bindee.

Sorry, I don't buy minimalist loosies for a second, and neither do most adult viewers who've so much as played around with bondage. We, like, KNOW better.

I find it very hard to believe that it's the actresses who are responsible for the weak scenes. Not only are they willing to lie naked beneath a naked guy while he simulates humping them, which indicates a certain amount of sexual openness, but a significant number of them do bondage erotica "on the side" as it were. As you might expect, they simply are not a shy, inhibited or PC group.

In fact, having had the experience of seeing bondage erotica featuring images of an actress suspended naked and upside down wearing a ballgag head harness with a vibrator taped to her crotch, who subsequently appears in a Skinamax film with Loosie bondage, I have to wonder: didn't anybody bother to ask HER about the scene?

Frex, there's one Loosie Award winning bondage scene that features as its bindee one of the top bondage models for Harmony (and quite a few others). Clearly, there's some talent being squandered here (and in so many other ways as well). My suspicion is that it's part of Playboy's well-known aversion to any but the most vanilla forms of sexuality. Though they might write approvingly of sexual experimentation, you sure don't see much of it in their films, unless you count the regular lesbian scenes.

It's a shame. With ignorance and indifference ruling in damsel in distress bondage scenes, and consensual bondage scenes dominated by Skinamax films that just don't wanna know nothing from no bondage, bondage fans are doubly ignored.

In fact, the only place where consensual bondage is routinely well portrayed on mainstream television is ... well, that's ANOTHER essay's worth.